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i move to another country on my

i move to another country on my own, where it is warmer.. then stay in a hotel for a few weeks while i search for an apartment and a job, i then get a nice apartment, and a job in a diner. then it skips to where i get a roommate to help out with the rent. (a male roommate btw) we get close, end up becoming best friends, we go out, have drinks together, get dinner, watch movies together, then i meet a guy on a night out with my roommate, we end up having a thing (me and the other guy), then when we get pretty serious and we actually have sex, (which was my first time) he cheats on me and we break up, i seek comfort with my roommate.. we then go out alot, then at Christmas while where at a friends party, we end up under some mistletoe.. our friends make us kiss, and it ends up being really intense, and we notice that we have like a connection or something, that were meant for each other, but we ignore it, then when we get back to our apartment, when were saying goodnight he kisses me on the cheek, then we share a moment while staring into each others eyes, then he lifts me up and set me on the dresser beside the door, starts taking off m clothes, we have sex, then we cuddle up to each other and fall asleep, then he wakes me up in the morning with breakfast in bed and thats it.