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My boyfriend is in prison and I

My boyfriend is in prison and I had a dream about his mom (who I have never actually talked to) texting me telling me he had gotten in trouble and was in solitary confinement. It felt so real I woke up scared and checked my phone right away. What does this mean?

I was helping take care of an

I was helping take care of an ill dog. It wouldn’t let me leave it’s side. It was a small & hairless dog. My three Rottweilers that I own were all in my room. My one dog that I own starts walking backwards. I get a tik tok saying watch this video to find out more. I closed the door & I ended up cutting it up & the next thing I know I’m outside with the same tik tok creator but a different video. I tried texting my mom saying we need to get out but I woke up.

Bryanna picked me up to go sleep

Bryanna picked me up to go sleep at Zohas house but for some reason Zohas house was my house and at the end of the sleep over my mom came to pick us up, I saw a man lying down in the front lawn through the front door and I told zoha, she told me not to go out but then the buddy stood up cause he could feel me looking at him but at the same time my mom got out of the car to knock on the door the buddy was wearing a Michael myers mask and the suit. I opened up the door and yelled at her to run back into the car. I blinked and the next thing I knew she was stabbed in her back and the last words I said to her were I love you mom and for some mf reason me and bryanna ran to the car as he was distracted n we were just in the back with the doors locked. Until we realized. Mom had the keys in her pocket