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Seeing two beautiful shooting stars in the

Seeing two beautiful shooting stars in the sky that then turn into golden angels wearing blue who fly towards me and ask me to give back the money I took from the couch but I reply saying I didn't take any money

I saw Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in dream

I saw Prophet Muhammad S.A.W in dream there was light on his face he arranged money for me to go to Saudi Arabia and when my aunt grab money from me Prophet Muhammad PBUH said you are like that and than she give Prophet Muhammad S.A.W a push and I said Allah Allah Allah there was a crack on the roof top and thunder rumbled

Recharge card I had a dream of

Recharge card I had a dream of asking if I need a recharge card from someone who owe me money lik to pay but I said kn bcos is of the highest rate card I thought it's much

ChatGPT 3.5 User Tell me what my

ChatGPT 3.5 User Tell me what my dream might mean I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Laws degree, however, I am struggling to find employment, I obtained 10 distinctions during my LLB I am a South African citizen I would like to further my studies to do my Masters degree, however, I don't have funds so my plan is to save money once I get a job Last year, I dreamt eating with the President of the Republic of South Africa So I think this was a sign I should apply for governmental employment vacancies? I would've loved to be an Attorney however I will take any job that arises

I saw that i am a very

I saw that i am a very fast runner. I was running around my village where i saw a family going to a girls house to marry their boy. but the girl refuses to marry thay boy and came to meet the family. the boy's father kills the girl and puts the blame of rape nad killing the girl on me. ithe girl is from my village and the father brings the dead body to the village. i try to run from the village with a back pack and go to a grocery shop for supplies. but while i am there the boy's father come there with some people to find me. but the shopkeeper and some village boys of my age help me hiding and then escaping from the village . i start running and reach an old area of my nearby city. there i saw a famous tomb of the city. then i celled a colleague and discuss the matter. i wanted to ask some money from him but then i did not ask and cut the call. i was thinking if police would track my lication and charging my phone. i decide to spend the night in the tomb. but before doing that i decide to have some food. so i went to a restaurant and order some food. they give me some starter and while eating i feetl full but still decided to eat so i wont feel hungry at night. there one boy was talking about sending his wife abroad for higher education.

It looks like some family function maybe

It looks like some family function maybe my eldest brother in law's son's wedding. Thereis dome puja going on and Im sitting and watching. Due to the light flashing on his face I could not see that my brother in law waa calling me at the behest of the priest to do some ritual where he gives me a coin that I did not expect. I leave with the coin in my hand thinking its money. Then I pick uo another coin tgat I had kept on a shelf thinking it might be taken away by someone watching me. I look into my hand and find out that I was given a big silver coin by my brother in law and mu smaller coin too was made of silver. I instantly smiled and said to myself that silver is lucky for me.

This is one of the most disturbing

This is one of the most disturbing and horrible dream I have ever seen in my life. I'm having a little discussion with my mom.. she was a bit depressed..because she has some money issues.. she was worrying about her money situation and talking with me about that. I actually told her we will see what we can do. My mom is working as a teacher in the dream.she was a teacher in rea life but now retired.but in the dream I saw that she is still working . She has not gone for the job from few days... She is so depressed than what she shows. I realised that Mom is having a critical situation in her mental health. That I have to inform this to my sister or someone in the family... My mom got ready to go to the job.. because she has not gone for the job for like few days she said she must go today..and got ready. But I could see that she don't want to go.but I told her don't stay today too.. you will lose the job as well.. then she left. Then some People came home.. like relatives or my friends..I can't remember. But I know these people really well . We had a little chit chat... And my sister and dad came too... I roughly explained to my sister about mom's situation..we all got distracted by talks. Then suddenly I noticed it's so late... That Mom should come home by now.. then I told everyone about what happened today... I just felt there is something wrong with the situation..then the people agreed to go and search for mom in the school .. because it's too late now. Then we left.. we searched in everywhere. But we couldn't find her... And we asked children who has stayed for late night classes that if they have seen her.. only one child has seen her .... And she told us which classroom.. and we went to look there.. adults told me not to come inside..so I waited outside ..they went to the classroom ..and they came with a very misarable face... They said mom has suicided.. I actually felt like I'm broken in to peices.. I couldn't bear it.. I cried out loud... And one of the people told me she had a letter in her hand. In this letter it says someone of her family like a brother who lives in abroad coming to see her... After this letter came to her hands she has got her depression more worse.. maybe her worry of money has gone worse after she got the letter... Because she can't treat them well because she doesn't have much money. But I understood that this happened because she was not feeling well. She was going through depression. I actually felt so sad and miserable. I cried out loud. I felt like my life is going to be over. How can I be without her.. ? Then I woke up and I realised ...it's a dream.. but still feel awful. Is this dream giving a prophecy or reflecting something of my own life?

I visited a traditional healer,who turned out

I visited a traditional healer,who turned out to be a lady pastor from my former church. I struggled to sit down with her as people wanted to pass where I wanted to sit down, but eventually I did. She asked for some money and I gave her. I gave her in coins. She began the consultation. She wanted to give me change but her coins were rusty. I then realised I didn't pay for my consultation fee,and that's when I also realised that the traditional healer was now the one I am visiting in real life. I took out the money, and she also had money to give me, but the money in her hand was like poker cards.