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I was driving along a road in

I was driving along a road in a populated city near water. Away from home like a am working as a contractor in another state. To my right, I see 4 missiles travelling at the same speed seconds before impact. As the cloud begins to rise, I sit in my car in disbelief that it happened this way. Knowing I will die soon I start to pray. Awaiting the city leveling blast that does not come, I snap to and begin moving away from the blast driving the vehicle. I somehow end up driving through water and decide to abandon the vehicle to find some kind of shelter from the coming blast that somehow is late in arriving to me. A time later while looking and running I feel extremely guilty and idiotic for leaving the vehicle. Like I failed at that very crucial moment, monumentally, with that decision. I could have saved/reached my family with that vehicle and that blast has not come. I decide to go back to the vehicle. As I am running and now looking at the mushroom cloud, I see other vehicles moving and people running, I hope no one has stolen my vehicle. Some time later the blast comes but it is overhead. I can see this cloud ring burst out from all sides of the mushroom. I pause, waiting to be hit by this blast. Again it is not leveling the city. I begin to run in the opposite direction, looking back at the cloud. I then feel a burst of wind, not enough to knock me or anything down. A few seconds later I feel heat. It’s getting hotter around me, but not burning, I feel like it may be radiation then I wake up from the dream.