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I saw the nose of a rat

I saw the nose of a rat or mouse coming out of hiding behind the wall in an opening below my sinkin the basement kitchen.

I was sleeping with my dog in

I was sleeping with my dog in my parents house. I hear someone in the house although I’m suppose to be alone the sink turns on and off the dresser door opens in my parents room. Bugs and a mouse run fast by their door. I call my twin sister and she isn’t making sense on the phone saying she called mom and dad but they knew she wasn’t dreaming. I get up my dog reluctantly runs in and I follow I have a gold necklace that I’m spinning and there is a gravitational energy pull and then a ghost comes out of their bathroom who is getting ready and angry. I don’t recognize him and I wake up

I had a small white mouse that

I had a small white mouse that had it's left eye taken out and dying. An older couple also had a small white mouse with it's left eye out and dying. Thy dying mice would be put in a cabinet with a clear door like the freezers in stores and you would leave after dropping it off.