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My grandfather recently passed away, 4 months

My grandfather recently passed away, 4 months ago. I was with him, holding his hand when he passed gently at 93 years old and in reasonably good health. I am currently having a painting done of he and my grandmother in their WW2 uniforms that will hang in the local military museum (he never new I was having it done as it was only after he passed I found an artist for it)... In my dream, my 3 uncles and mother had led me to believe he had died but instead they moved him to another seniors home. I found out and was trying to find him. I could see him and knew he couldn't understand why I never came to visit him anymore but I couldn't get to him to tell him I was told he had died. In my dream I found out he knew about the painting. I kept telling myself this cant be, I was there with him when he died. I SAW him die. How can he still be alive and why would I have been lied to and why can I not get to him now to tell him I didn't know he was still alive, that's why I hadn't come.

i had this dream where i was

i had this dream where i was working at a precure amusement park and while i was unpacking merchandise,i noticed everything turned dark that i couldn't see or hear and i panicked and then i saw a house with a top window that had power and as i was walking towards the house i noticed helicopters in the sky and then i saw this hole in the sky and saw this huge man with short wavy light blue hair with light blue eyes looking down at me and when i woke up,the power was out....

So I was in this haunted museum

So I was in this haunted museum with my mom and sister I can't remember brother though. And my sister was I this the villain and my mom and I were trying to escape her. There was also a person at tge front desk. And in that museum a person died. So the settings changed and we were in the ocean swimming away from a tsunami. We reach an outside basketball court and the other side of it was Mexico even though in realitly it wasn't. I had 3 dork diary books for some reason. And we made it over the fence.

I was with my family and aunts

I was with my family and aunts friend and her baby in Disney World Florida at a Disney Park, and my aunt said she wanted to go to a candy museum which was an hour and a half away from the park by the Disney Bus. We all got on this bus which was made to look like a cruise ship, it had a living room, bathroom, and bedroom. When the bus started moving we realized that it was traveling on the train tracks, and it was snowing. I think I dreamed it was snowing because this was the night before we were getting the big snow storm. After we started moving, my mom said she was getting nervous and she said this is why I didn’t want to go by bus. My sister put on the movie Elf