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I was the head of an ancient

I was the head of an ancient order of tantric monks. Our order had perfected extremely advanced sexual techniques that allowed us to transcend physical limitations of time and space. Many of these techniques utilized semenancy - and as a result most of the monks were constantly experimenting with supplements to increase the volume of the semen they were capable of ejaculating. Somehow these supplements were genetically modified by Elon Musk in such as way as to increase seminal volume several thousand times beyond the maximum sought by semenancy practitioners. As a result many monks were rocketed into earth orbit by the force of their own ejaculations. My dream ended just as I was about to interpret a particularly fascinating semen splatter pattern on the face of one of our young temple prostitutes. It was very frustrating as it seemed like the meaning of everything was about to be revealed just before I woke up.

Me and my family lived in our

Me and my family lived in our old house. My mother said we'd have guests soon, and I went out for a walk. The scenery was normal, yet there was something odd in it. It felt surreal, the forest was like one from a fairy tale. It waa already late, and I was about to go home, but suddenly I felt like I have to go to the bridge near our old house. I ran, and when I arrived I noticed an otter-like creature, but I realised it's a muskrat. It swam on the right side at first, and I rushed to get its attention, but it already swam under the bridge and to the left side, where the water was a lot higher than on the right side which was nearly dry. I saw the muskrat swimming very near the surface, and suddenly it turned into a little girl. She didn't feel human but she looked like one. I talked with her a while, and before going home I said "bring the otters next time!". I went home and it was already dark. I looked into the mirror in our hall, and noticed I had huge scratch marks on my cheeks. I remembered my cheeks being itchy all day. My mom saw them too, and started to clean them up. It didn't sting at all.

Im laying strapped to a bed. I

Im laying strapped to a bed. I can hear music lightly playing in the background. the room is musky. a dark red tint fills the room. I look around to try to get a grasp on what is going as i see 3 women crawling towards me. they are completely nude except they have bloody bandages around their faces. they crawl up to me and start contorting in indescribable ways that freaks me out. I break the straps holding me. the women come to attack my face. as I try to hold them off, the music gets louder and louder. "whore, liar, ghost, harlot, and its sad to say, that I still cry to the bayside cd everynight" are the lyrics to the song. there is a demon head bust sticking out of the wall above the bed. as I sing the song, the demon head bust's mouth moves with mine. when I realize this, I push the women's faces up, one by one, into the bust's mouth and watch as it tear their faces off. after I am done with the last one, I wake up

I went to the musk to give

I went to the musk to give some fried puff puff to the men fasting and i stood outside one of the men came out took took the plastic bag and told me my ex-boyfriend was inside immediately he came out look at me in an angry way and went without a word.

I dreamt last night i was a

I dreamt last night i was a male soldier /peasant fighting in the bastille in france and we were fighting with the kings musketeers not actually with them but on the same side !!i helped release some peasants /villagers that had been imprisoned there but as i was leaving the tower behind all the prisoners we had freed from that section we were ambushed and i was shot in the head (face on) by a flintlock type pistol ....not surprisingly i felt blood rush over my face and everything faded and i woke up a little disorientated and with a headache !unusually i dont remember my dreams on waking up so for this to be so vivid, i could smell the rotten hay ,sweat,the stagnant water and the coldness of the stone walls and the roughness of the wood etc must have some meaning .