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I just dreamed that my husband and

I just dreamed that my husband and I just met our granddaughter and she was in a high chair and she was crying. My husband walked away from her and he was getting frustrated because she would not stop crying and it was getting on his nerves. He said to me "I dont know what to do she hates me and I said let me see her". Before I walked into the room to see her for the first time I asked my husband to go get me some vanilla ice cream and he came back with neopolitin ice cream ( the kind with the strawberry chocolate and vanilla in it) I carefully removed a tiny amount of the vanilla ice cream with a fork and walked up to the crying infant and introduced my self to her. I said " Hi sweetie. You dont know me but I am your Grandma, your mommies step mom. but you can call me gammy ok. I know I am a big stranger and you want your mommy she will be right back but please trust me I have something I think you would really like and I think it is ok for you to have that might be just what you need as I think you have some teethies coming in hun. I gave her the fork with the tiny bit of frozen white icecream on it and she waved it around in her chubby little hand and cried even harder so I realized that I had given her a fork instead of a nice safe small spoon and took the icecream off the fork and placed it on my finger tip and gently place it on he lips and then told her that I do not mean to be weird or anything but please let me feel inside your mouth real quick and when I did the bottom right gums had two teeth just breaking throught the gums. I was like "Aha I knew it !" and then gave her the icecream on a spoon and she cooed and smiled and stopped crying and then I asked my husband if we had any frozen Eggo type waffles in the freezer and I got one out and handed it to her and her chubby little hands reached out a grasped it and she eagerly began knowing on it and she was soo delighted. I remember telling her that that would help her with her teething pain for now till we can get the right stuff to help her. I remember telling my husband that the baby was not crying because she was trying to push his buttons and that he had to start thinking from the child's point of view not from an adults point of view to another adult and that he should not take it personal when she will not stop crying or does stuff like take a toy or her food and drop it again and again off the side of her chair every time she is given it. She is not trying your patience and doing it to make you insane or out of spite. She is just a infant and is always learning and we are learning with her. ( in real life my grandaughter is almost a year old now and my step daughter will be having another child in July this year. She doesnt talk to her dad or me and hasn't since she became pregnant with her first child and ran off to another state and married the biological father of her child. We never have seen the child or her since she became pregnant and left the state with the boyfriend now husband. We found out they married over the internet when her friend sent the photo of them married her showing off the marriage licesence and her ring with the husbands parents beside them all smiles. I have never dreamed of an infant and have never taken care of one as when my husbands daughter came to live with us she was 6 years old, She will be 20 in a couple of weeks now. I myself have never had a child of my own and am unable to have any myself. I have never dremnt of an infant before and I do not know how to take care of one and I hope that I did right in my dream as I am worried about the waffle as the little baby might be able to get a piece off of it and be unable to handle it and might choke now that I have had time to think about it. I can't shake this fear that I may have put the baby in harms way when I gave her obviously grown ups food. Thank you soo much for reading and I hope to get some kind of response some time anything would be appreciated.

I was transported to a forest because

I was transported to a forest because my wits were to be tested. Then after I passed the test I was sent to a fantasy place where an evil Lego jester was taking command of me and several others took him down. The character I remember the best was Lucy from Narnia. When the jester was dead we were taken to a chest and were told that our work was done. Soon we were in the chest and a loud humming noise took place. One by one we turned neon yellow and disappeared. I was flown to my bed and by some magical force put in a particular position and then I woke up.

i was transported to a forest because

i was transported to a forest because my wits were to be tested. then after i passed the test i was sent to a fantasy place were an evil lego jester was taking command. me and several others took him down. the charecter i remember the best was lucy from narnia. when the jester was dead we were took to a chest and were told that our work was done. soon we were in the chest and a loud humming noise took place. one by one we turned neon yellow and disapeared. i was flew to my bed and buy some magical force put in a exact position. and then i woke up.

in a large crowded building, it seems

in a large crowded building, it seems we are trapped inside and apart of some huge social test, they open the doors only to let in a rush of horror movie-esque serial killers to pick us off one by one, luckily, i am few of the fortunate ones, i run and hide into a futuristic elevator with a few other people inside, lying on the floor. i exit the elevator and do it all over again, one man looked like a burn victim with no face / facial feautures dressed in a firefighter / cop uniform, then exited the building. there was an uproar in the crowd as they were about to release the next set of monsters into the ring, i was devasted and screaming and ran to the elevator again, knowing that it had worked in the past, i run to exit and the elevator malfunctions and does not open, i can feel the bite of the beast, the count down.. suddenly, i dart inside and barely make the close! i find him inside there, holding me close.. hat tipped sideways i can even see his face, "hold on tight" he whispers, as he hacks the elevator, pressing every button simutaneously until we end up in another dimension, its night time and im making a run for it, almost seen, apartment complexes everywhere, its day now and im walking up a hill, i see large trucks and they make me nervous, soda trucks with bumper stickers on them, something tells me not to go that way...

Elana came to be with me and

Elana came to be with me and then left, three separate times, we met in different places. I am in India, feeling free and happy. I am suspended in strange endless substance, like cosmos. There is a narrowing tunnel, a bright orange alien-looking creature is moving very slowly along this tunnel, putting his two elongated robotic legs one in front on another, it is pulling a large light blue semi transparent ball that is several times larger than itself, inside the ball there is tiny naked Elana in a microscopic size, she is looking very sexually aroused and I can feel she is very wet. We are at the end of the tunnel now, there are dozens of these blue balls there, in each of the balls there is a tiny naked Elana in a slightly different provocative pose, some are lying, some are reclining, some are standing, some are dancing. I notice barely visible holographic strings that connect me to each ball. I see a piece of cosmos through the window on the door at the end of the tunnel and also the end of another tunnel, maybe 10 meters apart and disappearing into the horizon while becoming thicker. I hear a rising sound, like electricity current, suddenly all the balls burst simultaneously and the door at the end of the tunnel opens, the door of another tunnel opens also and all the tiny Elanas jump to the other tunnel really quickly and disappear there behind the closed doors. I think the phrase “this is the nature of the reality”.


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