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•Hiding behind a wall •cute guy and

•Hiding behind a wall •cute guy and some girl were flirting •walking on nets and someone said I looked like I was dancing •couple were talking about me and saying I was hairy •I walked up to them and confronted them and they cornered me and said I'm ugly and have bad acne •while I was looking at the girl I noticed her makeup job was terrible * I acted like I didn't care and told them are they gonna keep talking cause I don't care * My friend pulled me away (Can't remember what else happens) •thought I was dreaming but noticed everything really happened and felt emotional and sad * was sitting at a table when a group of guys were sitting at another and noticed the cute guy talking to his friends about me and calling me ugly and my God brother was there * A guy asked if he wanted his cousin to fight me * My God brother just kept looking at me like he knew they were talking about me (I woke up feeling sad)

Take along the spin invosalomon mening magnetic

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Standing outside in the dark it was

Standing outside in the dark it was like all in grey scale, devoid of any other colors. I looked up and the clouds parted and I saw a line of strange looking planets moving across this opening from my right to my left or counterclockwise. Counterclockwise is a description that stands out from the dream. Not to mention the strange look to the planets. One I remember had a dark stripe down the center. One other thing to mention is for the last 20yrs I almost never remember my dreams.