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I had a dream Sean Connery was

I had a dream Sean Connery was interested in me! We dated and I wanted to marry him! He turned me down! At the same time I found out my husband told this other girl I never met before he loves her! I noticed she had long hair and my husband had told me before he likes short hair! i was hurt and mad to see this because I'm real life I cut my hair for him! I felt angry he was in love with another girl and not me! Because I feel I've done everything to please him and nothing works! And on the other hand I'm relived that I don't have to fight that fight anymore and that i lost and i should just move on! Hurt and moving on I pursue Sean Connery! I love him and I have the feeling he wants me back so I go looking for him! And I wake up!

I had a dream that a man

I had a dream that a man that I had never met before came into my house with food, and when he set it down on the table, he picked up a knife and started walking towards me. I grabbed and ax that was near the fire place for self defense and he was threatening to kill me. So I began to swing at him each time he tried to get closer and that happened until he ended up dying. I ran upstairs and started to tell my family to pack a bag because we needed to get away because I had a feeling some of his family would try to look for him and they knew that he was my dad's client.

looking for a woman whom I have

looking for a woman whom I have never met before nor even new that if she is real but in the dream I know her name. I see her setting on some steps crying waiting for me to come I see her in a jeep driving with two kids that I assume are hers I cant seem to find her house even though I have been there before and no were it is there is a dead line for me to find her it is that my medicine can not be received by me unless I show up at a certain time in which at the end of the dream right as I am about to find her I realize that I am not going to make it in time to pick up my medicine which is super important to my well being


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