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I was washing my hair n the

I was washing my hair n the kitchen sink. Alot of my hair was coming out but i was not bald. I would stop washing my hair every once in a while to ring out the globs of hair then proceed to wash my hair. There was a bowl of noodles n a strainer in the sink as I washed my hair. I looked down at it a couple of times thinking I shuld take it from the sink thinking that my fiance wuld grey mad that it was there while I washed my hair. She was standing next to me with a water sprayer in her hand rinsing my hair. She was also doing something else at the same time but I don't remember what it was. I do know that we wer happy. Just the nite b4 she had a dream that we died in a car accident. She really scared me. This is a same sex relationship, in cad yards relevant.

I dreamed about being in a game

I dreamed about being in a game show called Zombie Apocalypse, where people had to try and keep from turning into zombies. The players were in pairs, and I was with my best friend. They served mountains of ramen noodles for dinner the first night, which was awesome. The next day, the food was poisoned so as to turn you into a zombie. It was all fruit. My partner and I snuck and ate leftover ramen noodles. Eventually, I was the only survivor, and was about to get infected when the dream switched to me being in a guy I dislike' s room, and he yelled at me. I had to grab three different versions of my favorite hat off of his bed, and then i was in the school's gym and my least favorite teacher said "Don't milk it." while texting.