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I was on an old pirate ship

I was on an old pirate ship that had made port near my neighborhood, as I live by the sea, and I was with some other girls and boys playing a game and talking about funny things. I was wearing a blue dress. When the game was over, we had to leave quickly because the pirates were coming. We headed home, but then I remembered I had forgotten my red jacket aboard the ship, so I ran back to retrieve it. The pirates were there. I was a bit anxious because they could hurt me, but my mom would be mad at me for losing my jacket, so I had to get it back. I found the jacket on deck, and was ready to leave. But a pirate dressed in black with an angry face held me back and threatened me. He was suspicious of me. I explained to him that my intention was retrieving the jacket, and I showed him my jacket. He believed me, but then when I jumped off the ship to go home, all the pirates started chasing me and they were very fast. I don't remember how the dream ended.

My name is Imieh Justice Gerald I

My name is Imieh Justice Gerald I had a dream on 9/01/2018, in the dream I was set to travel overseas (UK to be precise) I was at the airport and I entered the automated human scanner holding only a phone which I dropped in a rubber pale and passed through the scanner. I passed through the scanner but could not go over to where the rubber pale took my phone which was on the other side. I could see but couldn’t reach to the other side where am to board. Suddenly I found myself in a hospital, so I began to roam around the hospital to find the way to the other side where am to board my ticket. While I roamed I came across a section where everyone there was an albino, as I walked on I entered a morgue where they kept dead albinos. At the tail end of the morgue was a door that led to a boy’s only secondary school, I took the door out of the hospital and was in the school classroom area. While standing out confused I suddenly noticed I was in front of the automated scanner where I started earlier. This time I saw an old school buddy whose name is Michael Aiyegbusi, I told him my ordeal, how I was supposed to travel, needed to pass the scanner to the other side, losing my phone in the process, other details I mentioned earlier and also as my flight might took off already Suddenly the scanner was now on a higher ground, I was looking up to it and was no longer on the level I was. There was then a stair on my level where I could climb to reach for a small narrow window sized opening which was under the automated scanner. I took that path in and I as i was under at this time Mike had already passed the automated scanner and I was looking to him up. Then he spoke to me to jump so he could help me up but I could not jump high enough. Then I continued on the path underneath which was a much longer route for me to the other side where the airport was. Then I finally reached him at the other side at the airport, he consoled me while I pant, then I woke up. The most thing unique about this dream is i usually don’t remember my dreams. I only have the knowledge that I dreamt. But When I woke up after this I remembered it in full detail and a voice spoke out, the voice was so clear “Write it down!!” With sleepy eyes I wrote it down. I have so far not shared this with anyone.

Having a picnic outside on a hill

Having a picnic outside on a hill with green grass with perfect weather there's an old-timing vibe like Indiana Jones time period there's an old lady with me there's a guy who looks like an explorer and there's a couple other people I'm wearing a long flowing empire style dress and there's a Ouija board

A battle with 2 armies. I helped

A battle with 2 armies. I helped lead 1 army and wielded a sword and shield. My army was armoured men and women. Our opponents were magical monsters created by a witch in a tower using a magical orb. We had to fight our way through the army to get to the tower. Once we had destroyed the monster army, we confronted the witch in the tower. I goaded her with harsh jokes about her appearance into revealing herself. For some reason the jokes were all 20th century cultural references. Our army was uneasy about the references and did not quite understand them at first but quickly got onboard with them and started to laugh all at once. This infuriated the witch who reversed course and headed to the top of her tower again. The witch had a big hole in her face where her mouth and nose should be. When she revealed herslf a girl shot her magic orb away from her using a bow and arrow. I picked it up and began to destroy it. The fact was that unless I believed I could destroy the orb, then it could not be broken. And it did not break no matter how much i hit it and dashed it to the floor. Once I truly committed myself to destroying it, and beleieved i would destroy it, it shattered. Once it broke, my fist went all the way through it and the tower that the witch lived in began to crumble and the witch began to shrivel up and die. An orchestral symphonic piece of music began to play and once the tower had fallen it exploded.

My daughter dreamed of being in a

My daughter dreamed of being in a dark room with a female friend who really loved her so much they started hugging while hugging the huge was getting so tight suddenly she started hearing a roaring sound and the friend turned into a black horse she tried to separate herself from the horse but she couldn’t until she woke up

I dreamt again of my former housemaster,

I dreamt again of my former housemaster, Nick. This time we were with the boarding school in a hotel and suddenly he became very distant. He told me he knew I loved him and that he had to close everything. I was then locked on a balcony in the hotel. I was crying and I found myself unable to reach him. I later found him on the beach and he then disappeared in the water. His boss watched the interaction from a distance. I later found him again in a restaurant 2 years later and we didnt speak but he and I shared eye contact and he mouthed my name and smiled.

I had a dream about maranatha I

I had a dream about maranatha I dreamt of leaving my newly duty post to get my personal effects at home and the bus I boarded which did not take my route pulled up at maranathan which happened to be it's last stop. I now found my way home.