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Based in roman times. Sultan rydell went

Based in roman times. Sultan rydell went to war to obtain a country. He won and was awarded with a powerful princess, franchesca. He drains her powers and makes her helpless and turns her into a sex slave to keep royal bloodlines. Rydell takes her powers and becomes the most powerful man alive. The royal males that franchesca bears are turned into peasant slave drivers and the royal females are turned into castle keepers. Franchesca is not allowed personal relations. Franchesca fell in love with a peasant named jacob and she bore a child. Master rydell found out and had the child murdered. Her punishment was forced marriage to two royals. She is kept under watch all day every day. Rydells ally is joeseph, franchescas brother. Franchesca despises her brother because he runs his country much like rydell does. He came to visit one day and his country got invaded by queen dahlia from another country. Queen dahlia wants good, and wants franchesca freed from her bonds of slavery so she can have her country back. Dahlia has a limited army, but invades joesephs country. Rydell finds out and builds an army to capture her. He captures her and tortures her or makes her watch torture. Franchesca begs for mercy and pardon but everytime she does she gets beaten into obedience for not acting like a slave should. Prince caspian is dahlias son, he was cast off to gain more powers to try to defeat rydell but no one has heard back from him. Franchesca is defeated and can only watch her country fall to ruins against a most powerful dictator that she is forced to worship. If she runs someone near to her will get tortured while she watches in dispair and helplessness

The setting of this dream took place

The setting of this dream took place at four-year University in the student gift shop. Teachers and students were nonchalantly conversing in the shop, like they would on an average day. Mr. Roopchand happened to be one of the teachers conversing in the shop, amongst other teachers. The place where the teachers were discussing “teacher things” was by the clothing rack on a blue polka-doted carpet. All of a sudden, thin, thorn-covered vines began slithering across the carpet toward the teachers. The teachers remained unaware of the vines, and continued their conversations. The vines made its way to the oblivious teachers and crept up their bodies until it reached their thick necks. It wrapped itself, repeatedly around each teacher’s neck that was standing on the carpet, and began to strangle them. The teachers had no chance. Before they could even begin to fathom what was happening, they took their last breath. Although they did not fall to the ground after being strangled to death, as most would expect, they stood in place, as if they were statues. As I stood on the tile floor in utter and complete disbelief, I noticed a correlation between the teachers who were talking on the carpet, and the students who were conversing on the tile floor across the room. I came to a random conclusion that speaking while on the carpet causes vines to appear and strangle the person committing the innocent act. I have absolutely no idea where my conclusion stemmed from. I rushed over to the students to warn them about the absurd and horrific event that just occurred. I told them word for word what happened to the unfortunate teachers, and begged them not to speak while on any type of carpet (good thing only half of the store was covered in carpet, and the rest in tile). The students walked out in oblivion and silence; even though they were stepping on tile. They took no risk. As the students and I walked out of the gift shop, a female student completely disregarded my warning and held a conversation while sitting on the grass under a shaded oak tree, cackling away. I whispered under my breath. "I hope she get's choked by a vine", unexpectedly, a vine appeared, the same thorn-covered vine that strangled the unaware teachers. It wrapped around the cackling student's neck, as it did the teachers prior, and strangled her as she attempted to grasp the last breath of air she would ever take. I grew a strong sense of remorse and sorrow for the unfortunate student whom had no sense of obedience when given instructions. There was an unusual feeling in my stomach. I do not remember stating that one could not speak while on the grass. I shook my head in confusion and mumbled to myself "I thought it was just carpet." As those exact words escaped from my mouth, I slipped off of the sidewalk into the grass for a split second, then regained my proper place back onto the concreted path. As I proceeded to stroll down the sidewalk, I quickly became aware of the thorn-covered veins that attempted to slither up my left leg, up towards my neck region. It tangled itself around my neck and began to squeeze tightly. In a panic, I aggressively attempted to remove the vines from my neck to spare my life. Shockingly, the vines detached itself from my neck with ease. I was is in a state of absolute oblivion. All they had to do was rip them off with their bare hands? I refused to believe that it was that easy. I sprinted home to clear my mind and figure out this situation. I ran into my backyard, only to find that my mother and brother were in the process of removing all of the grass in our back yard, leaving only dirt. "News must travel fast" I stated jokingly. I asked why they had done such and extreme, but clever, deed. They responded, "Not taking any chances." We laughed, and Kristina came outside in the backyard with us to join the conversation. As Kristina was talking, she slipped in a small patch of grass that my mother and brother forgot to remove; Just as I had did earlier that day. Again the vines appeared to collect their next victim. They placed themselves around Kristina's neck and began to strangle her. I screamed in fear " Nina, rip them off with your hands. Hurry up!" She followed my instructions, and frantically tugged at the vines; but they were not releasing her neck. I blurted that she should try getting off of the grass and run on the concrete to see if the vines would remove themselves from her throat. She ran like a maniac down the street, trying her best to remove the stubborn vines. As Kristina ran down the street, a black truck that I was familiar with drove slowly passed my house. In the truck was Mrs. Lisa, a neighbor of mine whom I gave the title of my "second mom", who also passed away last year November. She glanced at me, and then drove off.