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I had a dream I was home

I had a dream I was home all alone and so I called up my ex boyfriend to come get me out of there and when he got there my parents were home screaming at each other and I just wanted to leave and I was all packed ready to go and my mom went outside to the car and was like my daughter is not going anywhere with you and that's final and then she went back inside and started yelling at my dad some more and saying how it was all his fault that I wanted to leave and so on and then I went out to the car and I was like I know my mom said I couldn't go with you but please just take me away from here and he was like I can't disobey your mom and I was like why the hell not I can't take this anymore and finally I convinced him and we left and I never went home and I lived with him the rest of my life

I was traveling with my brother and

I was traveling with my brother and we were looking for a bed or hotel room but had to be very careful about negotiating rate to send the right message and to stay safe because we were in Saudi Arabia. We ended up staying at a hotel that was really a porn studio and trafficking business but we thought it was a hotel. Some of the girls didnt obey and owner cut off their legs at their knees. I was terrified and escaped. So did my brother. I later returned while they were watching a baseball game to rescue the mistreated girls. I traded my rings to distract the owner and got the girls out to safety. Then I woke up.

I dreamt that I secretly meet my

I dreamt that I secretly meet my ex boyfriend at a resturant. He explains to me why he has been so nasty with me. That he has a jealous girlfriend who watches his every move and that is the reason why he could not keep in touch. He is not sure if he wants to marry her. We get to my house and I tell him that I am going to tell my husband that he came to visit. I go and tell my husband who gets very upset about the idea. I then go back and tell him to take his stuff and go obeying my husband demands.