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Oh my gosh in another part of

Oh my gosh in another part of my dream there was a drinks machine that served only water and milk but I couldn’t get it to just serve water. It would run milk when you first push the lever and then turn to water after a few seconds but if you accidentally let go of the lever and repush it, it goes back to milk so I kept getting a mix of milk and water which I didn’t want. So I changed the setting to a higher one for just milk bc if I’m gonna get milk might as well just get milk but it was going so fast that it was churning butter into my cup. So I never got a drink

I was at my Middle School. Upstairs

I was at my Middle School. Upstairs walking around the corner near the stairs. I saw my first ex-boyfriend with some other people I can not recall. He said something but I forgot, the only thing I can remember him saying was "Oh my gosh.." and I think, "I'm coming up." and some other stuff but I forgot. Then next thing I knew was that he came up and I was with my other friends laughing down on the floor but we were across from where we were from. He was standing literally right next to me, I touching his feet was scrawling and laughing for whatever reason. I saw him smiling and chuckling at me, that same stare he would use give me when I was happy. That I-love-you kind of stare

There landlords came and cleaned our house

There landlords came and cleaned our house but needed non stick spray and I couldt find it so they left and you lived next door like close enough you could climb thru my window and basically my dad got home and my mom said she was done with the family and that she was disgusting etc and at first I got really angry and started saying that she wasn't there for me on Mother's Day blah blah blah and then went upstairs and my parents were screaming at each other and I just started sobbing and yelling mommy and every once in a while mom would tell me I was a drama queen or I needed to grow up and it was the polar opposite of our family like Liam wasn't even there but oh my god

My dream was concerning my fiance. In

My dream was concerning my fiance. In my dream she died from an illness that only she and her parents knew about. I don't know how I found out but when I did I sobbed on the bathroom floor. I remember saying "Oh my baby, my baby." She died from blood clots. Her mom sent me a text saying "We loved her dearly and son, she loved you with all of her heart" and 3 candid pictures of my fiance and me that I had never seen before. We were laughing at a park table in the summer. She had on a light blue top with sunglasses. On the bathroom floor I desperately wanted to ask her what heaven was like. She's no longer here for me to reach out to her. We talk about anything and everything together. Now all I have left are memories and 3 pictures. What does this mean?

In my dream I was at a

In my dream I was at a guy named Dan that I've started to fool around with house, no sex just kissing so far. I was at his house and it was an apartment building even though in real life he lives in a basement suite. Dan wasn't there for the beginning but his room mate was (in the dream the roommate was not someone I know, I couldn't see his face and he was chubby and bald and even though I couldn't see him I know he was unattractive to me.) any way me and this guy where fooling around in the shower and then Dan finally came home and me and this unattractive fellow stopped and I was with Dan all of a sudden. At this point he started to have his arm around me and we were hanging out in his bedroom, for whatever reason he and the unattractive roomie shared a room. They had two separate beds in the room and it was large with a tv at the foot of the bed. Me and Dan are now on his bed and making out, at this point I stop and tell him I need to go home because I must wake up at 6:30am for work and I want to watch Seinfeld, and then I changed my mind and I want to watch friends, and then I say no it's Fraiser I want to watch. So we leave and he walks me out. The apartment building when you go in the hallway is like a banquet hall and some big thing was going on. There were people in tuxes and nice dresses and this one table stops me and this gentlemen says, I just graduated and I'm going to teach the hearing impaired, and I remember responding oh my gosh that's exciting My Aunt does that she lives in Nebraska and Went to school in Wyoming. The conversation ended because the guy I'm seeing now whisks me away in pursuit of this Asian Lady, I don't know why but once we get down a couple flights of stairs he pulls out a gun and shoots her right in between the eyes. he then holds her in his arms and is looking at me, we aren't upset, we aren't running, we aren't crying just there. This is when I can no longer remember what happened or I woke up one of the two.

I was at work, it was nighttime

I was at work, it was nighttime so i then the lights went out. I opened the door to let light in. As i opened door, it was pure darkness, no lights from cars, no streetlights, no moonlight, no moon. Total darkness. I couldnt see my hand infront of me, i could hear people about, but faint sounds. There was no wind, sound or noise whatsoever. I panicked and said "oh my god, my son"! (Who is 23) And then i said "my girls, (i have 3 puppies)are home alone, in the dark left to fend for themselves.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was laying in bed with my ex boyfriend and we were about to have sex and he went to take a shower first and my current boyfriend called me and he knew I was cheating on him and was crying and said our relationship is over. So I left the apartment to try to call my boyfriend back without my ex listening and then I left a message in his voicemail and all of a sudden my ex grabbed me from behind and the only though I had was "Oh my god, he's' going to take me into the woods and murder me." Then I woke up.

Me and my girlfriend worked at a

Me and my girlfriend worked at a firm together. One of the nights everyone was getting off and she was about to cut the lights off on me, and she said, "oh my bad. Forgot you were working." So, she cut the lights back on and waited on me. Then my manager Jarod decided to drop by, but for whatever reason I hid under the table till he finally saw me. Then it moved to she and I in our apartment. We had a dog, and I said, "For our age and status, we are doing really good." We then kissed & I woke up.