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i was at school with my 3

i was at school with my 3 friends in the art classroom, and then one direction walked in but no one made a fuss, and they came and sat next to us because there was no space anywhere else. so they asked us and we said yes. then zayn sat next to me and he said that he and his friends were moving to this school and i said it was cool and my friend who was sat opposite me started fiirting with zayn so i was ike oh my god. when it was time to go home all 5 of them walked home with me and said that they were staying at my house and i remembered mum saying something like that and was like thats cool. then we got in the car and mum said that she was going out tonight and we were like okay thats cool we'll come and she said okay. so we walked to the club and when we got there zayn asked me if he could ask the DJ if him and the boys could sing in the kareoke and i said sure. and obviously they were AMAZING !!! then this girl asked me if i knew them and i said yeh thats: Zayn, Harry, Niall, Louis and Liam and she said whos that one and i said oh thats harry and she said he was good looking and i said yeh . then she said they were all good looking and i said yeh they are arent they . then she said whos that i said thas zayn and she said is he single and i said no and she said well whos his girlfriend and i said that would be me and she said oh really and i was like yeh sorry.she asked me to ask harry out for her so i said yeh whatever and then they started singing little things and when zayn took the lead he winked at me and i got embarassed and sat down.