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My ex lesbian girlfriend and I split

My ex lesbian girlfriend and I split up after 19 years without any closure, I dreamt she was at a doctor's appointment with me and u told her we should have been together after so long but instead she couldn't keep her tail between her leg, she said it was about the children

I was walking toward an appointment and

I was walking toward an appointment and saw a well known comedian in a old two story house. He was outside explaining a movie he wanted to make and i had the idea he wanted me in it. I needed to get to dmv. I started to hear voices from deep space saying; help, Alpha Omega. I went back to steve Allen house on my way i see white smoke coming out another guys top and bottom floor windows and ask if he was ok, he said yes. I went on to Steve Allen and told him, as he conveyed info to his friend that i can hear the voices, repeating, help Alpha, Omega. The friend wore a old 1920’s suit with double button vest, he had pronounced front teeth, round eyeglasses, and white fedora to match. I left appointment and as i return to, i saw a guy on his window ledge with white smoke exiting top and bottom windows of his house, i asked if he was ok, he said yes. I’m my hand a bong. I made it to Steve and told him of the voices, repeating, help Alpha, Omega, help.

"Our fans, I understand your disappointment. We're

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Will I Need a Bone Graft for

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Sustanon 250 Pill Results Even if you

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I went back to school and my

I went back to school and my crush was engaged I asked who it was and they said that I didn’t know them so I said “can I meet her” and he was like “i mean it would be awkward because last year but sure” so we went back to his house which was a rly fancy house and I hid in the driveway and said I had to go to an appointment

I was very fond of a person

I was very fond of a person who has played an important part in my life. We are no more and it has been 2 years since I tried to cut off links with this person. I dream frequently about going to this person's native place which is a beautiful place, act all touristy but in reality I am hoping to meet this person. I am always with my confidant, my best friend. The place which i dream of is seldom bearing resemblance to the actual place, most often the place where this person lives is up a hill and I remember the journey to his residence as the most vivid part of the dream. I am happy about the prospects of meeting him. But never in any dream have I met him. The dream ends with my disappointment and my journey back, the vacation ending.