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i dreamt i was in syria during

i dreamt i was in syria during war and broke into a house to find people i thought were dead but were just sleeping when the floods came and they woke up trying not to drown. there was a little boy i talked to then his mother came and was worried to find me and the group of people, that i think were missionaires in syria to help people during the war. the downstairs was like my house in oklahoma. my family was there but were acting natural like there was no war. i gathered them in my parents bedroom to tell them of my engagement and mom was yelling, crying and my sister and brother were also crying. my fiance was not in the dream and nor was my brother who is in india and supports my marriage. One of our friends came with three other people to the house to seek refuge. We let him stay even though the house was full of refugees and we had the problem of the recurring floods. I told him if he stayed he would have to help us when the floods came. Only one cousin that was also in my parents bedroom told me congratulations for the engagement.