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I was in the throes of a

I was in the throes of a terrible dream this morning. I dreamt that I woke up as normal, and was getting ready to make my wife's omelet when I heard a sounding of dripping water. It turned into running water coming out of the ceiling light sockets. At that exact moment I realized in horror that my wife was in the shower, and I ran down the hall to see if she was alright. When I rounded the corner to her bathroom I see the lights are already burnt out, and she is standing there in a painful rictus with a blue nimbus of electricity running through her body. Of course, in normal dream-like fashion, this was all pretty much slow-motion. So, I had time to tick off several things in my mind: 1) She was reaching out to me in a panic 2) I did not have anything to knock her out of the tub 3) From my training at an electric company I knew she was pretty much a goner 4) I was filled with a great sadness that we would no longer get to live our lives together