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In the office with old style before

In the office with old style before renovation, Steve said stores data isn't working & I was trying to issue the serviceable tag. ARC hasn't completed and needed to be done by a girl. She had conflict with some street people so I went to check them by jumping up the really high fence holding the girl. Leo's whole family was in the house & Mike was in the other room. I was telling him off that by bullying this girl making it delay issuing ARC somehow got to do with unknown street boys or MSRs. I realised lost shoes but couldn't find it. The girl was taking shower so I got outside the house. Train pass next to the house. I was tie the party color tape purple on left foot then ready to jump down the house. The lady flying up to me & gave me a lift to building in Japan. My sister was running to the lift after one of singer. Her husband was sitting on the bench waiting for her. The lift was for authorized only then she came back & said she couldn't make it.

Morningg I dream u ol Same building

Morningg I dream u ol Same building as me in kerinchi Got earth tremors but we like oh shake a bit oni Then make dunno do work Then tiba tiba shake a lot All us 3 hold hand tight Think tht it will shake only then all ok bek See see the building tumbang Tumbang right side and forward We all tumbang together the building drag until the guiness factory there But we all ok survive but injure sikit Then i say come my hse we balut the wounds We going to my hse otw ppl all looking oni like nothing happen The rest like dunno wat happen We save ourself But whn collspse time got many ppl All office ppl all got But oddly enuf we not like traumatised We like. Its ok. We wil be ok

I dreamed I was in bed and

I dreamed I was in bed and my girlfriend was in my house. I called her and she said didn't reply. I thought she was in the bathroom so I respected that as she likes quiet time in the bathroom. But I know she is at home. She was a long time so I went into the kitchen. All in the dream. Nightmare. Then I saw her next to a dark wood sideboard next to her in the bathroom and she had hung herself. I tried to stop her and tried to pick her up while I cut the noose, the rope which she hung off, holding her up so she didnt hung but I couldnt do a thing it made no difference so I had to l run quickly and I got the Stanley knife very quickly and tried to cut the rope but it would not cut the rope. I failed. Then I woke up and I had to check if it was real or not and it stayed the same until I got a text from her and only then I know that she was okay.