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I dreamed of this passage everyone was

I dreamed of this passage everyone was scared to walk through. However, I went through the passage and it was very dark and I had to hold an oracle. The oracle was like a head and covered in blood except its eyes.

Started off at the mall where I

Started off at the mall where I was relaxing under a tree. All of a sudden, armed gunmen started approaching about 500 yards apart from one another in a grid pattern. I apparently had a wingsuit and took to the skies. The remainder of the dream was trying to avoid their shots and bouncy bombs that had to be swatted away with perfect timing in order to avoid being blown apart. Eventually, I reached the Oracle (yes, Oracle the software company) building and the gunmen were now about 100 yards apart from each other (so much more in a close range in the field) also now there were gunmen on the rooftops. I tried everything I could to hide in trees and avoid them but they kept spotting me and I would have to move quickly to avoid their bullets and bombs. Eventually, I found some old acquaintances from high school a few blocks away who were doing their best to fight the gunmen off but the area became overrun. Large lights began to flash and sirens sounded and then I woke up.

I keep having dreams where i am

I keep having dreams where i am being watched by the greek goddesses Athena and Aphrodite. Between them there is a man the has great power but i dont believe it to be Zeus i think he is a magician or an oracle or something like that. They appear to be just looking at me and always have smiles. i dont speak a word of greek although my family tree originates from Greece. but when they talk to me i can undertsand what they say

I was thesues and my dad was

I was thesues and my dad was king hyperion and the virgin oracle was jessica alba and obama played zues and the minotaur was andre the giant and my neighbor played the heraklion jailor and romney played all of the titans