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My dream started with me being at

My dream started with me being at Chesapeake High School. There was a fundraiser in which people would make the best homemade orange juice. People had stands set up all in the cafeteria and were ready to be judged for the grand prize. I wanted mine to be the freshest so I was going to wait to squeeze the orange until the judges came over. When they came to my stand, I reached under my table for oranges, but I realized I didn’t have any. I forgot to bring them and I lost the contest because I didn’t have any orange juice for the judges to taste.

This is all Doctor Who based. So

This is all Doctor Who based. So it started out with my best friend visiting and then I stayed at my grandmas with my brothers and Scott was being stupid so I ran off to this place I used to hang out at as a kid but there was this security thing set up but I had tens sonic screwdriver (he had given it to me as a promise he would come back after he took care of something in another time stream) and they let me in and there was some kind of weird alien spider thing and it was in a containment unit but it escaped and everyone was covered in webs that and we used the sonic to get out then bees (almost like the one in the episode with Agatha Cristy but more human) started to fight the spider thing (like the racnoss but again more human) anyway we escaped but the bee thing asked what species I was so I told him. Next thing I know we are being chased down because we are made of something called light time energy and in order to get us it manipulates our reality and we are surrounded by evil oods with katanas after eating cake and fruit (I can never eat oranges again because of this) and Mikey was there and he gets killed and his face sliced off and my friend, me ,my mum and some other people get captured and put in containers where we find out that the fruit we ate was ood brains... and I woke up before the doctor came to save me.

last night i dreamt i was walking

last night i dreamt i was walking in my old neighborhood and the sky was bright with shining stars and I started to notice how beautiful they were and that they looked like diamonds and then I saw some of the stars "shooting and spiraling" around the sky, I was mesmerized by them. I tried to take a picture but the picture did not depict the stars but a beautiful view of a sunset scene or so that is what it appeared like to me, the colors were a magificent ranges of oranges, yellows, and reds.