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I'm flying in a small plane. The

I'm flying in a small plane. The pilot is a little bit odd but competent. He goes in for a landing in Missouri or some flyover state like that. We're coming in on a grass airstrip with a hill in the middle. Coming over the hill and in for the landing, we spot at the last minute something on the ground. But it's too late. He lands on it, and we land safely. Looking back and getting out of the plane, we realize we've critically wounded an orangutan. There are actually two of them there. One of the other passengers, concerned for the orangutan, goes to comfort it and evaluate its injuries. The orangutan is more like the size of a large gorilla and seems to have the same strength. It hugs the passenger, who goes limp, and then with one bite takes his head clean off. We're all horrified, and then I forget what happens next.