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My orchestra conductor was building up to

My orchestra conductor was building up to the topic of retiring! When she got to the point I was keeping in my cry but I shed tears anyway! My stand partner, Maggie, asked if I was ok and I said yes but I really wasn't! Then my orchestra teacher asked me if I was ok and I said yes but I still wasn't! We talked after class and she said that I was always a treat to have in class! Then I was in English and my teacher kept saying that I never listened and never got what we were talking about and all these bad things and I kept saying, "I am a good student! I am a good student! I am a good student!" But she wouldn't by it! Then I was in orchestra class again with my teacher explaining that she's retiring and when she got to the point I ran out of the class room balling with tears and my orchestra teacher came out looking for me and said that everything's going to be ok and just had that mentor moment with her! She fully understood me in everything I was saying!

My orchestra teacher bluntly said that she

My orchestra teacher bluntly said that she was retiring after the school year gets out, and I stormed out crying! Then my English teacher lashed out at me saying, "you never turn in your work, you never listen, you never pay attention!" And I'm saying "I'm not a bad student" repeatedly. Then I'm in orchestra class again and my teacher says she's retiring at the end of the year and I'm sitting in my chair quietly crying and my stand partner asks me if I was ok and I said, "yeah, I'm fine!" I hold up my head high still crying a little and my teacher asks, "Megan are you ok?" I say,"Yeah I am!" She asks for a hug after class and says, "you're one student that I'll never forget!" I smiled and walked off!