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I was in an old house walking

I was in an old house walking thru the rooms. The house was empty, yet I felt i was being watched. There were beautiful, old works of art scattered around, yet each one seemed alive watching me. After a while I went into a smaller room to find an ornament hanging in the chimney. It was a glass case with the head of a baby inside, but as I looked, the eye sockets were empty. One eye burned blue in the middle of it's skull, & as it saw me approach, the head swivelled round to reveal a distorted face with a mouth uttering strange noises like shrieks. It seemed to want to burst out of it's glass case to join me, but was not fully developed. very disquieting . at that point I woke up fortunately! any ideas?

All you have to are bobby pins

All you have to are bobby pins and locks clips. Bobby pins appear in various sizes. Find the largest versions so you have got adequate place to connect in your ornament for your vintage impact. Head of hair clips can even be acquired with no adornments on it. Purchase the versions that will assemble hair all at once. Or you can pick more compact versions pertaining to halfhairstyles. Headbands doubles in this undertaking. You should buy simple head bands and you'll have much space to decorate that using vintage jewels. nike air max tn

I held a car boot sale in

I held a car boot sale in my dream, a lovely lady wanted a glass duck ornament and promised to pay me next week. Trusting her, I said yes and let her take the duck away but I woke up and will never know if she paid up or not.

I had a dream Travis R. that

I had a dream Travis R. that took me on a date. We went on a train (Kalie came with us) to Joey Graceffa's house. We went in and saw Gabby there (Gabrielle Eisterhold). Joey still had his Christmas tree up with a few ornaments on it. I asked for a picture with Joey. Then, we explored awhile while Joey was outside doing something (idk what). Meanwhile, I took a lot of selfies in his house (Lol). When he came back in, we ate some kind of pasta stuff (I forgot what exactly it was). Then we left and went by train to Ellen Degeneres' house. I remember that the inside of her house looked similar to ours (stairs were in same place, living room, kitchen, etc). All I remember next is that we went by train back home. The next day of school, Travis told everyone about it at soccer. I was watching them play. Everyone was amazed. {then I woke up} •Small details: my toenails were painted red, silver, & blue. Train number was 800.

My wife dreamt that our 21 year

My wife dreamt that our 21 year old son had dropped & broken all her beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, in our basement. She was very upset as these are her cherished ornaments.

I was laying in bed watching people

I was laying in bed watching people decorate a cow with ornaments. Then, my right breast became very painful. I looked down and saw a creature nursing from my breast. I pulled the creature off of me and threw it on the ground. When I looked down, I saw two black wings with some blood on the ground.