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I was told to go into a

I was told to go into a room. There was something there I had to confront, and it didn't like people as a rule. So I went in, and there was a sleeping ostrich. I walked up to it and stared. It cranes it's neck back and looked at me. We stares at each other for a while until it pecked me on the mouth. Then there was an understanding of acceptance and victory. It was my friend, not foe.

I was a girl who live in

I was a girl who live in the mountain, like in "Heidi". One of my friend paid me a visit. We drunk with my friends and my family. But my friend's grand-mother had been attacked. A boy broke her leg. I and my friend began a track race to arrest this boy. My friend was astride an ostrich... We separated to be more effective. I looked for the boy in an industrial park, who belong to the family of the man I love. He was there. He said to me: "Since you admitted to me your feelings, I reflected a lot. I remembered the first thing that I said to you: you have a cute belly. Then, I perceived the boy who was running away. I began to run after him, but the one I love said: "Wait, please", and he offered me the hand. I hesitated, but finally choose to follow the boy who was running away, even if it was painfull. Finally, we found the boy in a "metal music" shop. He said he broke the leg of my friend grand-mother to show that music have to evolve, and that metal music is a good one. Then we did shopping in this shop.

Dream- I tried to auto pilot myself

Dream- I tried to auto pilot myself to the dentist with meaghan and moms jettas because they were the only cars that could. The blazer couldn't. Then I tried using a motorized cooler scooter but it was too slow for the highway. There was a cavern in my backyard in which for a brief second I saw an owl flutter around. I later saw Dottie try to get the owl and have told me he had stabbed it. There was a large apartment complex playing metal music as if the guy was supposed to be calling the owl, right where the house past ms Collins was. I found the man at a community daycare as he walked in the door and knew immeadiatley that he had an owl after he said "maybe an ostrich would be nice" The family then took a trip to a seaside location I've never seen before, and we saw tons of people cleaning up stuff, while others were sitting, it seemed like a rocky sharp shore by the sea and a town bordering it very closely and elevated. We then saw a place where I said " I have seen Dave Matthews band here before, after a tour guide said that Dave Matthews was selling the building there. Meaghan (sister) quickly hushed me and said shut up you know who we were with. (Somehow implying Dad) then my alarm went off.

I was looking to buy a new

I was looking to buy a new home. I bought a large block of land that had an old shack on it. There was an ostrich running around the land. I asked a man to shoot the ostrich. As the animal lay dying, it had a large wound on its belly. The house had no established electricity