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So I invited my friend round to

So I invited my friend round to play smash bros with everyone, but when you got there for some reason everyone had already left for McDonald's. my living room was decorated like it was when I was a kid, the wifi went wrong and for some reason, the router was in the cupboard under the stairs, so I went to fix it and my friend came in with me, wearing a transparent shirt and a white bra that was too small. She hugged me then unclipped it and gave it to me, laughed at me Because I couldn't speak then hugged me again, a lot tighter then left, and when I came out it was as if nothing had happened and she was wearing a normal shirt, we just carried on with what we were doing

Bible, evil, peace, rumors, hate, jealousy, music,

Bible, evil, peace, rumors, hate, jealousy, music, beard, hair, fake, ex boyfriend, outer space, vehicle, enemies, sexual, technology, future, planets, books, fighting old enemy, spirits, happy, text messaging, people disappeared, older, laughing, commercial, escaping, computer, ridiculed, karma, isolated, crustaceans, hole, big butt, unread messages,

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I had an outer body experience last

I had an outer body experience last night while manifesting through dark energy on a love and money spell that I had cast earlier that day. My physical body took on a black silhouette figure and I found my outer body standing in the front yard of my house looking up at the moon that was six times it's normal size and had stars abnormally clustered around it. I looked up at the moon and defiantly said "I want the money and the wealth! He WILL love me! This is what I want and this is how it's going to be!" I repeated the same thing twice and then the vessels of my heart protruded out of my chest like giant tubes and one vessel connected directly to the moon and the other stretched it's way all the way to my lover's house through his bedroom window. I looked at the moon again in my dark form and said "This is what I want and this is how it's going to be!"I began making motions with my hands as if pulling the manifestation into me and into my heart. Right after that money began to fall from the sky towards me. As I reached down to pick it up I noticed the street was made out of soft, cushion like rocks and every piece of money I picked up was all 100 dollar bills and nothing less. I had so many 100 dollar bills in my hand that it became an enlarged stack of them. Next a silhouette of a nice looking car popped up on the street and my lover appeared also in a black silhouette form and he said my name. I turned around and looked at him and we hugged each other before getting into the car and driving away.

It was strange, to make it short,

It was strange, to make it short, I was running from someone or something, and I realized somehow that I was dreaming, before I looked info about lucid dreams and know a few tricks to confirm you're dreaming, so I tried in my dream to look my hands, and I did. I asked myself, am I dreaming? And so a ran out of a door on an outer space and immediately looked back to see if that someone or something was following me, it wasn't. Is like I clicked in my dream and the whole dream changed. I saw as well that there's a device you put in your head before you go to sleep that lights a red beam in your eyes during the night, and you can see it when you're dreaming, so I looked up in the sky to see if I could find it but I didn't cause I don't have the device, but I remembered and looked up! Everything inside my dream... I knew I was dreaming. I was tryna figure out where I was and so I saw a door with blurry white letter written on it, I couldn't read it, but I saw a logo, I believe it was 2 triangles with stripes face opposite directions ( one up and one down) ^v ... what does that mean? I've been trying to look for the logo or symbol and I can't seem to find anything relevant...

In my dream I was getting out

In my dream I was getting out of a gathering at night and couldn't find my car once I found it Had been broken into. Nothing was left In the car aside from its outer shell. People came to help. I used someone's phone to call my family but the call would not go though. I could not get ahold of anyone. Out of no where my friend showed up.

My dream I know not what it

My dream I know not what it means For some reason, I leave work in the afternoon without telling anyone because I intend to be back quickly - but I keep getting delayed. I run into two young women walking. They don't see the impending tornado zooming toward them. I don't tell them or call their attention to the other people nearby who are scurrying to get away. I am somewhat relieved, as I pass them, to note that even though they are somewhat nerdy and plain looking, they have enough sense to put a jacket on. The one is sharing the navy blue jacket with the other - kind of draping it over her shoulders too. To my relief, the tornado does not hit where I am but goes to the outer banks and does lots of damage. I remember thinking that my life could have been so different if the tornado had not turned because a big tsunami could have formed and I was very close to the shore. How nice it would be to soak up the water and let myself enjoy the beach, but I know I have to get back to work I continue my walk and find myself in an empty theater foyer where the person who wrote and produced the movie is there for its first showing. No one but me is there to watch it. And I was just there by accident. I think I tell him that and he wants me to stay but I can't because I have to get back to work. But then other people start arriving to see the film and I am vastly relieved and slip out without being noticed. I continue on my way back to work and am increasingly agitated that I keep getting way laid and diverted. I try running, but it still does not feel like my body is going fast enough or that I am making much progress though my limbs are moving in a running motion. I get on an elevator and there are two men and one woman. The woman pushes the button to get us moving, but instead the floor folds up around our feet and we grab on to these dangling pieces of cloth to prevent from going down the elevator shaft. I know not to look down the shaft because then I will be really frightened I don't think it will help but lo and behold I start screaming as loud as I can and, miraculously, she and I end up outside of the elevator in a hall where there are other people. I watch the floor of the elevator go from its curled position and turn into a cradle. It is yellow in color with a brown edge. The other woman leaves to go to a bris and I leave to go back to work. Since I have been gone so long, I decide to just take the time I was gone and subtract it from my overtime so I don’t feel guilty about being gone so much longer than I thought I would be. And because it was under 4 hours, it would not qualify for sick time.

My parents and I are riding on

My parents and I are riding on a mitten in outer space, and we come to a large hole. My parents push me into the hole and I die.