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I dream of crossing a river on

I dream of crossing a river on a sheet of ice. There is another man with me and and we have a dog that is pulling us across. I can't see the man or the dog clearly. we are tracking an animal that has crossed the river, we are wearing animal skins for warmth. Half way across the lower half of my body falls through the ice and begins to freeze. we get to the other side and the man I'm with begins heating some kind of brown gunk to put on my legs and feet to fight the freezing in legs. When he's done applying it to my feet he says to get up and move around. I stand up and walk about 20 yards away, barefoot with the brown gunk on my feet. When I turn around to walk back I look up and see a beautiful woman with yellowish blonde hair, wearing a fur lined leather overcoat with the hood up. She is wearing black rimmed glasses and and a gothic cross around her neck. She is sitting where I was before I walked away. She has a concerned look on her face. She says," Are you ok?" Then I wake up. I have never seen this woman before.

We are at church. I had groceries

We are at church. I had groceries newly bought from a shop. The pastor was late. When he finally arrived he was dressed in a black overcoat with a red-stripped hat. There were dry jokes made amongst the congregants.