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My grandfather recently passed away, 4 months

My grandfather recently passed away, 4 months ago. I was with him, holding his hand when he passed gently at 93 years old and in reasonably good health. I am currently having a painting done of he and my grandmother in their WW2 uniforms that will hang in the local military museum (he never new I was having it done as it was only after he passed I found an artist for it)... In my dream, my 3 uncles and mother had led me to believe he had died but instead they moved him to another seniors home. I found out and was trying to find him. I could see him and knew he couldn't understand why I never came to visit him anymore but I couldn't get to him to tell him I was told he had died. In my dream I found out he knew about the painting. I kept telling myself this cant be, I was there with him when he died. I SAW him die. How can he still be alive and why would I have been lied to and why can I not get to him now to tell him I didn't know he was still alive, that's why I hadn't come.

I was at school and met a

I was at school and met a girl i knew that i like a lot. She told me to meet her at 1:30 near the water fountain. I went to work and left my bag at the house then went to meet her. My friend and his girlfriend were there and i was happy to see them. Then i went back to work to get my bag and all the houses were on fire in a a row. The painter in the basement was still painting and the home owners didnt care that the house was on fire. I got my bag and ran away fast.

in one part of the dream a

in one part of the dream a tall dark man & I were together and he was painting his motorcycle.Then in another part of the dream I was with the singing group " The Spinners" who sang for me in a house I used to live in in real life. I was in love with one of them. After the singing we rode in a large maroon colored car up a street I grew up on in real life and I saw my mother & father. My father saw me in this car and waved at me. I also saw myself using the rr in this house where I saw my Father. also at some point of the dream I saw myself fixing my hair that was full of curls.

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I was in some sort of resort.

I was in some sort of resort. There was a nice house with very blue water surrounding it. I went inside to buy 3 paintings I apparently liked and carried with me from somewhere else. There were 3 middle to older aged women inside. One wanted me to place my palm on hers and as she touched my hand and was about to lock it with her other hand, I said no and moved away. Suddenly I was outside and I was an old woman, while I'm actually a man in his 30s. I looked at my reflection and I was old, ugly and the eyes were kinda gray looking. As you can Imagine I was very shocked and concerned at that point. Until I suddenly woke up.