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Sitting in my kitchen of my new

Sitting in my kitchen of my new house. Older, unknown couple walks in uninvited to wait for previous owners. Go get husband from bathroom. Husband puts on my panties.

I do not remember any start of

I do not remember any start of the dream in particular. Only that I was laying across vertically on this larger than life Silver Bullet that felt like I was laying across a large penis at the same time. I do not remember how I was dressed other than either I was in my panties or shorts and some kind of light shirt. My legs were bare as my legs caressed this long large silver bullet. My arms and my hands and my fingers were also feeling this large silver bullet. Feeling each sense of feeling in vivid detail. Sensing the sight of the luminous shine that this large silver bullet had. Feeling the coolness and smoothness yet solid hardness that seemed to stimulate me with each movement. I could even sense the fragrant coolness that accompanied the stimulation. I could move across each end of this long hard silver bullet penis with ease and sensitivity to the utmost joy. The tip of this silver bullet was long sharp finely crafted to a fine tip that was smooth yet firmly hard feeling each movement in long long timeless strokes. Time did seem to be irrelevant. I seemed to wake up from this dream as I was actually feeling Wayne’s penis at the same time in waking time. I woke up needless to say very erotic and very sensitive. I see no connection at this time to my waking life. I am attracted to the shiny and comfort of pleasure and freedom I felt. Moving freely and with ease. I felt attracted to the comfort level at the deep senses of everything I was feeling with such intensity. I felt emense joy, freedom. No self doubts no hinderances. Just unconditional feeling of eroticism, joy and sensitivity in everything in and around me.

This particular dream was a sexual dream.

This particular dream was a sexual dream. It was a dark one as well, not very colorful. But I dreamed I was in my old house I grew up in as a child, one of the houses. And My best friend's girlfriend (at the time) was in my bed. She was laying on top of the comforter, masturbating in sexy black clothing: black tank top, and black panties pulled down to her knees. At first I was hesitant and wanted to leave, but when she saw me, something came over me in my dream and I wanted her so bad. I layed beside her, kissing her at first. Then I pulled off her black underwear, got between her legs and started giving her oral. Afterwards, we wanted to go all the way and penetrate, but I woke up right before I went inside her. Is this just a typical wet dream? or does it mean something more?

I broke into my first loves house.

I broke into my first loves house. Saw three dirty pairs of panties in the bed. Smelled the ones that looked like hers. And almost got caught.

I was at my job..but in a

I was at my job..but in a new building.. My boss was getting yelled at and yelling at people...I hung out in the break room when i was supposed to be working..while a guy from my school that I don't talk to came and pined me on the wall and kissed me...then my brother came in to work and he asked where is my kiss and he kissed me like in the movies .then a guy I'm talking to came and tried to force himself on to me. I sscreamed stop but he kept touching me trying to getinto my panties. I sscreamed and then I woke up .

There is a girl i know and

There is a girl i know and have known her name is erin we are back at barton and there is a big party me and my friends see her and her fiends she grabs me down low and starts telling me everything i want to hear we make it to the room and she shows me her glow in the dark panties the all of a sudden my ex girlfriend appears and erin tells me she hate me and she loved me why did i do this to her