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I dreamed I was riding with an

I dreamed I was riding with an old friend that died recently. We ran into a couple guys we knew. We started to hang with them but they had other plans. I went in a store and became paralyzed and dream ended. I also dreamed of a lake and a flood

My mother and I were just getting

My mother and I were just getting back from the store. We are carrying groceries in brown paper bags from the car. Just as I step on the first step into our house, i look back and see my mom get stabbed on the crown of her head by and old man in a hospital gown wielding chopsticks for a weapon. He then attacks me, i don’t know if i do or just become paralyzed because i am on th ground and cannot move, but i can still see.

I was lying on my bed feeling

I was lying on my bed feeling like I couldn't move like I was paralyzed. There were no doors or windows so I couldn't get out. As i was lying there it felt like the walls were closing in on me and there was nothing that I could do.

I was in my grandmothers old house.

I was in my grandmothers old house. the lights wouldnt turn on, it was kinda scary. i go upstairs and someone have covered a light switch. the house was scary. i walk down and see my brother as a younger person before he died sitting in the recliner. at one point in the dream i am wrestling with a cat. the cat is trying to bite me and is very strong. i realize its not even my cat. it was supossed to have been a cat i had once in my lifetime and i even called it by name and realized it wasnt that cat when it was attacking me.i walk down and i see nurses over a bed with my son in it who is 9. then i see a baby crawling toward me and thought it was a ghost baby and started saying i found my baby. the nurses take the baby and say i stole another mans baby and say your son is right here and point to the child in the bed. i panic and start running because in the dream in my mind i think they are going to commit me. i run into a room and see my dad he is in the bed listening to headphones. i jump in bed with him. he was paralyzed which in real life he was. but then in walks his ghost from when he used to be able to walk and has something in his hands he is trying to show me. i start kicking at him and get woke up because someone wakes me up because i am screaming in real life while asleep.

I run away from my family. i

I run away from my family. i didn't want to be around them anymore. when i ran away it was all over the news about me. they said i was dangerous and to think i could not be trusted. whenever any police found me i paralyzed them by hitting their pressure points and jumped super high into the trees jumping from one tree to another. i wanted to be free. but when i woke up, i was back to subjugation

Had a weird dream. I dreamt I

Had a weird dream. I dreamt I was at NJ school and there was a very large exploring outside the school . It was heard from miles away because people came from everywhere to look,after looking people were like it's ok we can go bk to class. But I stood up and said no it's not ok, look at all that fire coming from over there we all need to get out this place. Still they wouldn't leave so I took NJ and started running up to higher grounds up towards my house. Some other parents took their kids and left after I spoke, but as soon as we left we could see the school being engulfed in flame, people was screaming still trying to get out. I got to my house a my parents and siblings about what happened, but it was as if someone was there and they were very upset that I had warned the people at the school to leave. I went downstairs to get some water, while co!ing bk up I saw a person came in the door, only the shadow I saw on the wall. They threw a very large rock at me from the top of the stairs, this rock came with such a force and it was so huge that I knew immediately it was not a human being that held it. It was to large to hold in a person's hands. Anyway it didn't hit me so I lean forward to see who threw the rock and a very huge man was standing at the top of the stairs with another rock in his one his hand. The rock was still to big for his hand but he was holding it with just one hand. He had a look on his face like the most hate and rage I have ever seen in my life. The look that I saw paralyzed me, I could move or scream. but I was trying. he didn't try to hurt anyone else in my family, he came just for me. I woke up from my sleep and I could have heard myself still trying to scream.