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I had a dream about my lover

I had a dream about my lover and me caught by my grandma and i convinced her to he is my study partner that's all. But he is my friend and now a days my all dreams are about my lover.

I found out that my partner has

I found out that my partner has a 3 year old daughter so he has been unfaithful during our relationship. I was then told that he also has another daughter. At first he denied it but then made light if it.

School test pairing something like that Taehyung

School test pairing something like that Taehyung was my partner since we use to date I was late he left me and did it with someone else And then when I told him why he didn’t wait for me He told me he wanted to break up A girl asked him to date him He look at me and left Later I found out that I was pregnant I tried calling taehyung but he never picked up My family sent him the test on paper He didn’t look at it Years later he’s back in the city He is performing and I went to tell him The whole show he is making it as if he hated me the moment he saw me His best friend jungkook ignore me when I ask him to tell taehyung to meet me later in the changing room Taehyung kinda insults me in front of millions people I had enough and left I came home crying Taehyung came to my place when he came my grandma asked him if he got the paper and ask him if he knew how my life has been hard raising my child by myself He still have no idea it’s his child too He came to my room and talked to me About his life Then I woke up from the dream

I went shopping with an old friend

I went shopping with an old friend on Halloween. We seen some Halloween shirts on a table. I wanted to buy the shirt for my partner. The shirt was orange. I looked away to grab the free candy. A young boy tried to a piece of candy from me. I hit the young boy and told him to stop. I turned around to put the candy in my purse. Money fell out my purse. My friend tried to take my money to purchase her items but I stopped her. I turned my back to put my money back in my purse. I turned around and my friend walked off with the orange shirt I wanted to buy for my partner. I meet up with my partner. He had wanted to buy his own shirt. He couldn’t afford the shirt because it cost to much. I had to pay for my partners shirt.