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i was with my sister and other

i was with my sister and other people and was trying to get to a bathroom because i was on my menstruation and was bleeding badly from my vagina and i kept trying to find a place to take off the tampon but no one was allowing me to go and i kept feeling the blood rushing out then i was at the airport boarding a flight and once we got on the plane i realized that my cousin had left my purse in a seat inside off the airport with my money passport and credit cards in it

I was working for this lady. I

I was working for this lady. I got a letter stating the business was moving to China. I didn't know if it included me. So I went to ask what was going to happen to me. She said I can go did I want to? I said I always wanted to go to China. I had to get my passport. I asked when was she was leaving. She said the 28th. I said wow that's soon how about I come down the week after. She shook her head no. Then I saw the boys eating a sandwich. And my oldest son Caleb said the one who made this sandwich its great. Youngest son there but he did not say anything. Then my husband was at this door.I think it was at some nonprofit organization. They were moving beds. My husband just left them and got in the car with me. I said did you tell them you were leaving. He said no they know and if something happens then I am going to lose it.