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I'm walking in some countryside, not a

I'm walking in some countryside, not a particularly nice place, a bit arid and dark and I'm with 8 years old niece and one of her friends. We arrive at a point where there is a big, tall wall made of pebbles (or something like that) which we need to climb. The wall has like two protrusions (or steps ?) a third up, and then another step/ protrusion two thirds up and there is a path which gives us access to these. When we arrive to the second step though, the only way to get to the top is via a rope ladder, which is attached to the top. My niece goes first and reaches the top, but a rope in the ladder snaps just as she arrives to the top. Now it all happens very quickly: she knots up the broken bit, and while I'm thinking: "will it be safe enough?" her friend starts climbing the ladder. Half way through the ladder snaps though, and, to my horror, she falls to her death - I see her body getting splattered on the step below. The horror doubles up when I realise that I am the adult, responsible for the two of them, and I haven't warned them enough of the dangers, so I'll probably be arrested for negligence. I wake up.

i was walking with my aunt then

i was walking with my aunt then we pass through a place that is being constructed then i started seeing 1 peso coins its made of nickel but are silverin color its our local coin, which i didnt picked after passing that place that was being constructed we pass through plot of soil where i started seeing 5 peso coins its still one of our local coins made of copper and is gold in color and i started collecting those on our way back home i took two 1 peso coins from the other side of the plot then we passed through a rough plot made of small stone and pebbles my aunt walked there but when i tried its as if the plot is a newly cemented one so i told her its still soft and that she shouldnt walked there and that its dirty i had all the coins in my pocket then we pass through a narrow pathway where i picked a silver plate which i brought home then I told my mom about the coins i picked and the silver plate.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was on a field trip to this huge game stop emporium and it had all the annoying games that say if you win you get an ipod, but when I played I won but the obly prizes to choose from were a gps some random crap and a compass that was electrical so I pickec the compass and then I stole a bunch of cards and a $30 dollar gift card that I ended up paying for because you have to activate it to use it. Then the world switched and I was climbing this huge mossy sandy rocky and crazy mountain blob thing and i uust kept climbing and then I was with three random people and we were chasing this guy and we got caught at the top of the wave and we crashed into the beach and the wave was like tsunami and then my dream jumped to me back on the mountain blob climbing the mossy and sandy part and I was collectong red and pink shiny pebbles and then i was getting swept away by a river that i fell in while looking for pebbles and then my parents were at the edge honking for me to get in the car and then I woke up