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I was with this bad boy and

I was with this bad boy and I tried weed and a cop caught us but we ran and changed our appearance and the coo thought we were different people who could help him find the bad boy and I. The cop thought the people he was looking for was a black blind girl and a black boy but we were both white and had no bad health conditions. I felt guilty and nervous. Then we went into this elevator and a voice spoke to me and all I remember is looking in elevators through a device and an adult guy showing me around and something to do with club penguin.

I am quite disturbed at this dream.

I am quite disturbed at this dream. I have only ever I one of this nature that I can remember. It was during 10th grade in high school. Every year my family and a few other families stay together. The dream was at my normal house during daylight. My actual house is at the end of the street and there is another street a little farther behind it. I saw on the other street, the farther one in the dream, 4 people; one was a dad of one of my friends in boy scouts, two were men that I did not know, and one was a tall penguin. They were in a red car and somehow I knew they were going to go and kill my family and the other families. At that moment I was outside and everyone (family) was inside. I ran as fast as I could in the other direction as the red car with the people slowly drove around to my house. No matter how fast I tried running I always went at a constant speed that was slow. I hid under someones porch. It is not clear what happened after. I remember coming into my house and there was a lot of police every where. The inside of the house was not mine but the outside looked like it. There were many bloody dead people naked but not all exposed (female and male).

I was in a bright, sunshine-y town.

I was in a bright, sunshine-y town. It was too bright-- there was a yellow tint over everything. It was a drought, I think. Everyone was wearing an African mask. All the people were either penguins, or gremlins, or ghosts. I wanted to buy a smoothie for my friend, who was a ghost, but the man wouldn't let me buy one. We talked for a while. The smoothie man was wearing a blue shirt, and had black hair. I think he was supposed to be Mario from Mariokart. He was disgruntled.

My dad, who has been dead for

My dad, who has been dead for 14 years, is walking down a sidewalk. His walk is odd kind of penguin like. I am with my kids in the car but sitting in the back seat wrapped in a blanket. I am yelling to my kids "stop the car thats your grandpa". I got caught up in a blanket trying to get out of the back seat and as Im trying to break loose of the blanket my dad falls. When I get free and approach my dad he askes me if Im here to see sea bisquit? I woke up

I dreamed that I had two baby

I dreamed that I had two baby dolphins which sometimes had human faces and sometimes not. They were wrapped in blankets. I need to feed them from a bottle and comfort them when they cried. Then I had more baby animals to take care of including two white penguins, two white moles, and two white rabbits. They also needed to be fed from bottle using a special formula. I kept getting interrupted and had to go somewhere else with them, then try to find the bottles and feed them. My kids wanted to hold them, and so they held some while I fed the others.