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i had a dream that i was

i had a dream that i was walkin down a street and i remeber seeing these peoples sitting in look like a car with the top off couldnt really see all of the car and i remeber one lady rolling her eyes at me but i kept on walking and dancing to meet my husband me and him were so happy then me and my husband were standing together in a place and these two same peoples i saw in this car were in my car and he let them used it and my car was fulled of ice and i remeber one of them saying that m husband sure knows how to make money this two indivuals were in my car and i got in the back with them and i didnt want to do i told my husband dont do that

i used to have this dreams in

i used to have this dreams in my teenage years i see a tea garden on top of a hill with a white cottage and from there i can down in the middle of the tea garden a lake. i also used to see peoples throwing me down from the cliff to a sea and i gasping for breathe. i also i used to see peoples piercien g my eyes with ahot burning road. what all these means and its true that i have the phobia of sharp pointed things,deep waters,high. what these dreams means to me.