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Bicycling with my dad and his friend

Bicycling with my dad and his friend in my hometown and my friend's tire goes flat when a big group of bicyclists comes by. I recognize both bicyclists as high school friends and coworkers. We wait for friend to get new tube from group and dad's friend asks me about bicycling and I tell him about previous trips and he asks about jiu jitsu and we start wrestling. He has an open wound on his arm from surgery and stitches and it starts bleeding so we stop: there is a fat kid eating French fries and the ketchup is dripping onto a piano keyboard on the floor.

I bought out my parents house and

I bought out my parents house and decided to fill it with teeny weeny plastic vases until a ghost in a beany hat started possessing me and making me live under a piano stool forever. Then some homeless guy knocked on the door so I decided he should lay in bed with me to watch Netflix but I got embarrassed because there was crumbs everywhere. Suddenly there was a siren noise and I looked out the window and there were eggs hanging from the sky on long strings.

I was getting in trouble in the

I was getting in trouble in the principals office and my crush and his friend start singing with a mic taking the attention off of me. I didn't get into trouble. Then I went into my class and my crush was playing the piano. He came to my seat and asked if I was only in grade eight. I said yes. He started panicking. I started to cry and fell on the floor. I said "you don't like me no more?". Then he sat next to me and started to laugh. He said that he was joking and he kissed me.