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my family and i were in my

my family and i were in my pops house. my brother, mother, grandmom and sister were there. my sister was getting on my case because i have no work. im over 50 yrs old i told her its very hard to get hired at this age. and until she walks in my shoes and tries to get employed herself to leave me alone we were talking in the kitchen. everyone was in living room except me i was in the kitchen. my brother was in the kitchen too but i could not see him. my mom and grandmom kept coming in the kitchen and telling my brother not to eat pickles before they go. my sister mom and grandmom were in the living room.

I dreamed that I was at school,

I dreamed that I was at school, and the vending machines were filled with McDonald's. There was a big table beside it, with McDonald's breakfast items laid out on it. I grabbed a sausage and egg McMuffin and a bunch of Grade 8's started laughing at me. I went outside, and my classmates, Matt and Nick started throwing water bottles at me. I head back inside and my friend Gil and I wrote "I like pickles" on a Lightbright. The principle mistunderstood it and yelled at us.