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I dreamt of being at a family

I dreamt of being at a family picnic and there was a high cliff and I’ve always had a fascination of jumping over a cliff and on this day I felt everything was right with my family and I could finally let go and let myself fall off the cliff I felt it was exhilarating at first and then I panicked realised I was actually falling and the last image I saw before I woke up with a picture of my two daughters

I was at a restaurant with Gordon

I was at a restaurant with Gordon Ramsey and the kid from it and the other kid from stranger things. And we were eating and then we were leaving and i was walking with gordon to our cars and i had to bring the two other boys home so we stopped at gordons big yellow car to say bye and then i was walking to my truck and it cutscene over to the boys where the one from it had been stabbed by a giant bee in the chest and he was on a picnic table



I'm 16and my girlfriend and a bunch

I'm 16and my girlfriend and a bunch of couples go to this relationship class for a month. We have to live with our ex's for the month and miss them on the first day I do so and when I get to my room with my ex she pushes me on the bed and says she knew I still liked her and then makes out with me . The next day we are supposed to take our partner in a picnic. Then it keeps going on with my ex trying to seduce me and me having a great time with my girlfriend.

It was mainly me watching a movie

It was mainly me watching a movie or something of some sort with someone I couldn’t quite decipher and in the movie there was this teleportation thing and so when I was hanging out with friends later (this was at night) the friends and I were going to have a picnic at the lake near by where i guess we grew up but something had happened to where the lake was almost poisoned and smelled like cow poop, and the smell was like magic and it made everyone wanna fight each other and in the end the last few living of us teleported to some golf course all clean and everything and then I got a text from my mom saying my knee was bad and I couldn’t act and the list of 4 new medications, then it was revealed one was for eating more... I cried and my friends went home and I went to a friends home to grieve over her loss but there she was cleaning her room, Turns our everyone we thought was dead was fine

I dreamt my neighbor who I don't

I dreamt my neighbor who I don't like was wearing a rain jacket on a sunny day at a picnic table surrounded by garbage bags

A friend of mine was taking me

A friend of mine was taking me to the grocery store. Instead of going the way that me and my husband go. My friend took me around the mountains and I thought we were going to die. He said my husband and I have to be more adventurous. He stopped and started a fire in a rock. Mother and children were walking by. As he started to prepare a lunch picnic I started to ask him about his wife. He said she was good.

I am a very intense dreamer, I

I am a very intense dreamer, I can have epic movie type of dreams, most I sort of remember but not in any great detail. But sometimes I have a dream that wont let go and I can remember specific details about the dream, the following is one of those dreams; I could not find my pick up truck, I was certain that I had parked it in my work place parking area, but I could not find it. Then I noticed that I did not have on any shoes and was walking around bare foot. I distinctly remember thinking I should be wearing a pair of gray comfortable tennis shoe that I have. My thoughts then wander back to where could my pick up be. Then I'm sitting at a picnic table talking on the phone. I am supposed to be helping manage a busy restaurant but I'm pre occupied with the phone conversation. When I get done with the phone call I go back into the restaurant kitchen area to help but, everyone is just finishing up and putting everything away. No one is upset with me not being there "managing them " like I was supposed to do. Ok, that's pretty much it. What could it mean.

Im at a picnic where Im meeting

Im at a picnic where Im meeting my best friend her husband my adult son and her 2 little kids. When I walk in she walks towards me then gets sidetracked by someone else. She then invites this new person over to the table and introduces them as her new best friend and says shes moving in with them

I had a dream where I was

I had a dream where I was in a valley with lots of colorful flowers and my parents were sleeping in the car near a picnic area and all of a sudden my crush Pedro comes out of nowhere and asks me how am I doing and we share a one second of a tender moment and my father all of a sudden wakes up asking him to not disturb us and he leaves and my father tells me to ignore him next time and then I look in the picnic area table and I find a rose