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My husband and I were in an

My husband and I were in an airplane we were in the pilots cabin getting ready to take off and then we did. We flew the plane to a different airport where we landed. The police were waiting outside and apparently my husband had done something he shouldn’t. He got fired from his job and everyone was talking about it. He wouldn’t leave the plane and decided he was going to live on the plane forever. I would walk around the mall and hear people gossip about him getting fired. But I never knew why he got fired or why it was a big deal to other people in my dream. One time when I went to visit him he was trying to hurt himself with a belt. I started crying really hard. Then for some reason he was allowed to leave the plane so he did and looked for another job with a boating company named falcon. I had to drive him to the interview and we fought about how I was driving.

I dreamt of being a pilot of

I dreamt of being a pilot of a choopper, but suddenly a lady bumped in and took control with a co-pilot whom looked on the side. I feel from the chopper and held on a tree. Three men came looking for me of which one wore an illuminated clothes. The chopper then went and crushed on several vehicles with a fatal ending.

It all started in a spaceship. In

It all started in a spaceship. In the spaceship there were weird pizza pilots that were threatening to kill me and my family. They also had an odd kitchen where they were craming their other "victims" Also in the dream i ended up kicking them and finding a way out of the spaceship. The dream finally came to an end when i got home and relized that i had been robbed.