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I was on an old pirate ship

I was on an old pirate ship that had made port near my neighborhood, as I live by the sea, and I was with some other girls and boys playing a game and talking about funny things. I was wearing a blue dress. When the game was over, we had to leave quickly because the pirates were coming. We headed home, but then I remembered I had forgotten my red jacket aboard the ship, so I ran back to retrieve it. The pirates were there. I was a bit anxious because they could hurt me, but my mom would be mad at me for losing my jacket, so I had to get it back. I found the jacket on deck, and was ready to leave. But a pirate dressed in black with an angry face held me back and threatened me. He was suspicious of me. I explained to him that my intention was retrieving the jacket, and I showed him my jacket. He believed me, but then when I jumped off the ship to go home, all the pirates started chasing me and they were very fast. I don't remember how the dream ended.

I was on a beach and their

I was on a beach and their were crystals red green and blue and a mansion that was mine. and there where pirates that i had to kill to save my family and i also had to kill some one to save them from a bomb.



So I was at the Ralph with

So I was at the Ralph with my family for a wrestling tournament and me and my mom couldn’t find my dad and brothers and we were leaving and all of the sudden pirates from pirates of the carribean come swinging down on ropes out of nowhere. I told my mom that we need to wait for the boys but she said we didn’t have time so we ran out to our old white van.

I have had the same dream for

I have had the same dream for some time, I dream me and my partner were on a ship and the sea pirates attacked us and took all that we had and what scares me about this dream is that among everyone they have to take me along with them and I was put in a dark room and I never came out of there before I woke and I tried going back to sleepand it was the same dream