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I was in a barn I have

I was in a barn I have never seen before. There were haystacks, ropes, pitchforks, and other farm-tending equipment. As I looked around, I noticed stairs leading to a dark hall. It seemed I had nowhere else to go, so I decided that the creepy stairs was the right path to take. It was a narrow balcony that lined the inside of the barn. Nothing special was up there. Suddenly, I heard a rustling in the haystacks. I looked down and saw a beastly looking shadow. The shadow was becoming smaller and smaller then finally, a huge orange monster popped out under the balcony. I began running towards the huge barn doors and the monster chased me, following my every step. I thought I was going to die and my heart began pounding out of my chest. Then, I finally woke up.

to make a long story short i

to make a long story short i had a lot of shoes in my dream i love shoes in real life...i live with my grandmother an for some reason in my dream i think it was a holiday maybe new years because a lot of loved ones were here an when some of us got in the car one of my friends was closing the car door an a white truck passed by but the truck almost hit the car door an the truck parked an a weird looking demon man got out an he was angry at us so i slammed my door an locked it and my friend soon did the same but we tried to drive away an he kept chasing us..at some point we came back to the house an me an my sister was laying on the floor in the living room with my nephew an i went to go look out the back door and i seen a lot of demons surrounding the house with torches and pitchforks saying some weird words..so i came back inside and locked all the doors and windows an my sisters friend started acting weird all of a sudden an i realized he was possessed then he tried to kill my nephew an i made him get out then i locked the door back and that's when i woke up