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It starts out when Mom, Dad, myself

It starts out when Mom, Dad, myself and several other people I don't know are standing on a beach. Then out of nowhere gunfire or something loud suddenly scares the crowd. I get separated from my parents and I head to the place we are staying but don't see them there. I stay there for a while until I decide to go look for them. The scene changes and I'm in a college for a visit to a campus with my choir. I'm lost and separated from everyone and thunder and lightning are booming. I panic and start crying. Then some people ask me what is going on and I told them I couldn't find my family or choir group. They said they would help me. Then the scene changes for a third and final time. I'm in my church and I see a hallway with a light on just barely showing through a crack in the door. I tell them I need to use the restroom. The restroom was down that hallway. They seemed hesitant to let me go but then they vanish. I reach the door and open it only to see a dead body of a girl. I stumbled back. She looked to have been hung and stabbed several times. I ran into the bathroom and calmed down. The lights went out. I walk out of the bathroom and back down the hall. The janitor was walking down the hallway towards me. I decided to act normal. He grabbed me and asked if I had seen anything. I lied and said no. He started dragging me back to the closet. I panicked and somehow got him to drop me. I ran into the place right behind the center for worship and I see mom and dad. I run over to them and hug them. They seemed just as relieved to see me. The janitor came over and offered to play Rock Paper Scissors with my mom. She said sure. I had a bad feeling in my gut. They played Rock Paper Scissors and she lost, paper to scissors. She laughed and said something like oh darn I lost. The janitor smirked and replied back with yes you did and he stabbed her in the heart with a pair of scissors. He shot dad point blank in the head. I called the police and they came quickly. I ran outside and the cop put me in the car and locked me in. The next thing I know there is a splatter of read and a body against the door and the man smirking at me from the church. The last thing I remember is me screaming that he was going to kill me and for backup to show up. He kills all of them then points the gun at me and a gunshot. That is the last thing I remember before I wake up.

Garrett wanted to ask Miss Tairee about

Garrett wanted to ask Miss Tairee about something, but when he turned away for a moment, she turned into the Hag and began crawling towards him over the desk. He tried to draw his dagger, but then two burly Mechanists approached him from behind. One of them grabbed Garrett in an iron grip that robbed him of all strength, while the other systematically took away all his equipment and put it into a bag, all the while laughing and sneering at the thief. The moment Garrett was released, he felt that he could move again, and ran out of the library. In the street, the glow of a Keeper Door Glyph caught his eye, and with relief he opened the passage and sneaked in. He came into a room full of Keepers, all of which looked upon him with disapproval, and First Keeper Orland angrily scolded Garrett for interfering in the initation ceremony. Today the Keeper order was taking in a new member — it was Cole, who in the black initiate garb looked oddly like a scared rabbit. Orland continued to explain that Cole would be a major asset for the order. Finally, he said, the cryptic ancient prophecies would be made clear, because Cole can use his mind-reading skills to read the writers' thoughts. Garrett scoffed at the idea and tried to ask what about the writers who were already dead, but everyone ignored him and left, and now he was alone in the dining room. Alone? No, that girl, Shiara, was sitting at the other end of the table, playing with her cat. And behind her, one of the Hag's animated statues was approaching. It was going to splatter the kitten over the walls and smash in the girl's skull. He tried to warn her, to save her, but his body felt like lead and he could only whisper...

I'm walking in some countryside, not a

I'm walking in some countryside, not a particularly nice place, a bit arid and dark and I'm with 8 years old niece and one of her friends. We arrive at a point where there is a big, tall wall made of pebbles (or something like that) which we need to climb. The wall has like two protrusions (or steps ?) a third up, and then another step/ protrusion two thirds up and there is a path which gives us access to these. When we arrive to the second step though, the only way to get to the top is via a rope ladder, which is attached to the top. My niece goes first and reaches the top, but a rope in the ladder snaps just as she arrives to the top. Now it all happens very quickly: she knots up the broken bit, and while I'm thinking: "will it be safe enough?" her friend starts climbing the ladder. Half way through the ladder snaps though, and, to my horror, she falls to her death - I see her body getting splattered on the step below. The horror doubles up when I realise that I am the adult, responsible for the two of them, and I haven't warned them enough of the dangers, so I'll probably be arrested for negligence. I wake up.

In my dream I was the head

In my dream I was the head of an ancient order of tantric monks. Our order had perfected extremely advanced sexual techniques that allowed us to transcend the physical limitations of time and space. Many of these techniques utilized semenancy - and as a result most of the monks were constantly experimenting with supplements to increase the volume of the semen they were capable of ejaculating. Somehow these supplements were genetically modified by evil oligarchs in such as way as to increase seminal volume several thousand times beyond the maximum sought by semenancy practitioners. As a result many monks were rocketed into earth orbit by the force of their own ejaculations. My dream ended just as I was about to interpret a particularly fascinating semen splatter pattern on the face of one of our young temple prostitutes. It was very frustrating as it seemed like the meaning of everything was about to be revealed just before I woke up. But that's a spurt scrying dream for you....

Dreaming of being with my ex husband,

Dreaming of being with my ex husband, kissing each other but felt he held back a bit and meeting up. His eyes kept looking in mine. Then a random traffic accident wwhere everybody at the side if the road crying and a body splattered across the road in pieces. I had to get my kids across the road without them seeing. Then I see my ex in a van and he was telling me he wont have a bath becaise it faces a window that has an outlook of a building site and he didnt like the cranes and doggers

im in a large mountain house in

im in a large mountain house in a forest. its like a cabin and there are a lot of adults having a party on the first floor. They are all standing around in the kitchen and i'm standing in an empty living room close to the front door. When the front door is open it blocks the way of the stairs that are wooden and wind up to the second floor. i go up the stairs but instead of taking me to the second floor i'm suddenly in a large triangular shaped attic. the ceiling is dark but i can see there are boards missing from the floor. large gaps look down over the party of adults in the kitchen but it is similar to a one-way mirror in that they can't hear or see me but i can witness everything they are doing. i know that i have to walk across the middle floorboard to get to the two large doors opening outward. so i cross the skinny piece of wood and grab hold of the golden handles of the doors and push them open. outside the sky is black and there are glittering stars splattered across the sky. as i stand and look at the tops of pine trees framing the sky snow begins to fall. the snow is thick and cold and wet. it dissolves almost instantly on my skin. i can feel the icy cold but its a nice sensation and not painful.


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