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I'm a bridesmaid for my parent's wedding

I'm a bridesmaid for my parent's wedding and it makes me want to find love. I get a letter saying I'm going to be the next bachelorette. For one of the group date, I choose to play a game of kickball and soccer. After the game, I run to my parent's wedding party. The boys follow me because my parents make fun of me for not having a date. They keep trying to win my love. Billy Loomis shows up late, and the boys don't like him because he was my abusive ex. The guys end up kicking him out after having an argument with me and he slaps me. Then I sing a song for the wedding and have a mini concert. After the boys play a song and do duets with me.

I was in a house and things

I was in a house and things were being taken from, I couldn't find my husband. The people that were taking things were my husband's people and the pool at they were doing it was sneaky, to them I wasn't his wife, another woman but I couldn't see her. She was the one telling the people to take our things and no matter the shortcuts I took through the house I could never she her and my husband was no where to be found. The feeling in my dream was disrespected and played.

Anyways this dream was I was seeing

Anyways this dream was I was seeing a white guy and Idk if he was married or he had a gf before but anyways I think the first one But anyways, he loved me more aha but we'd secretly meet and she was always tryna catch us, specifically me but couldn't Last time we met and I noticed she was coming so I told the guy to leave and I took the spiral slide down to the basement washroom and she noticed and came running after me and I freaked Out and was playing with the water from toilet bowl thinking I was washing my hands rather than using sink and steam blew out of her ears and then yeah she was gonna go and confront him but I woke up

I had a random dream last night….

I had a random dream last night…. I was dreaming about sweet tea and some how that turned into a conversation with Hillary Clinton about how Gillian Anderson was a supporter of hers and how good Gillian was in the Crown and then I said I also liked Emma Thompson who played a character based on Hillary in a movie….,I don’t remember Hillary’s reaction because I woke up

Last night I dreamed that I were

Last night I dreamed that I were killed. I moved to a new city I guess, coz I was together with hundred of people who were checking the area around. But the place was surrounded by electrical wire (similar to a prison garden) and in the middle was a playgound for children. A boy called Niel (about 15 years, he was younger than me there), which I have never seen before even in real life (even the name I’ve never hear) he was the most active in the playground, specially in the night where even professional detectives had to search for him. But he became step by step angrier and had bad habits to not respect people. One morning, it happened that we discovered some dead bodies outside of the camp where we were living (it just stopped to rain and the bodies sat in a water patch) We went to them but it never came out who did it to them (I started then to watch that boy more closely and following him, not physically, more like 2 eyes that were always above him and watching everything he does.) And when I saw his first kill, he started to follow me back physically. I wasn’t stressed until more dead bodies were found, and I stopped to get out of the camp. But the boy was also killing people inside, so nowhere I was safe. Then I should be the next one. And I run and run and run ( I even gave him other people to kill instead of me, maybe he’ll give up on me ). But he didn’t touched them, he just followed me. I searched for a good knife ( I had to choose from my real life kitchen set ) and I gave the knife to someone to kill him for me. But he refused and I took another knife to stabb him. But as many stabbs I wanted to give, the knife didn’t want to get inside him at all. It felt like a glitchy plastic where the knife goes up and down, right and left, just not inside. Then I looked up at him and his face became green and got bigger, I guess he had even horns, and he was smiling at me. Then he run at me (without moving his legs) and stabb me in my chest and neck and let me die while everyone around just stare at me. After this, I don’t remember anything very well, but I had the feeling that I confessed something and I return back to live by wacking up in the real life (full scared,with heart beat, and also I felt I was moving in my bed while running in the dream).

My ex boyfriend came home. We were

My ex boyfriend came home. We were happy again. We went to Olive Garden and accidentally dined and dashed. He then had to go to urgent care. And while there I went and paid for the food but we still had to go to court and get it resolved. I saw my exes kids In my dream and was able to play with them.