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Went to the market to buy plums

Went to the market to buy plums after given moneys to the seller ,there was control in the market,so wile he was struggling to hid his illegal goods i saw a fat green alligator entering into a hole on the wall.i started shouting for people to come and see

Chewing coconut buying fresh corn and plums

Chewing coconut buying fresh corn and plums to eat dropping from a bus and standing to take another making food for a friend and the children telling a friend about my PhD award

I dream that we were getting ready

I dream that we were getting ready for a special event. I don't remember if it was Christmas or a weeding or a birthday. I was giving a shower to; two kids a boy & a girl, and another teen girl. My husband had gone to cut his hair & buy his cloth. Then as i went to go get the cloth i pass throu a patio corridor there was a tree of plums, i wanted to eat one and i realize it was rotten. I checked in the tree and saw what looked like a pumpkin pie or an apple pie, they both were rotten as well no animals. When i went back to the kids, their was water all over the floor it was clear. they had turn on the shower, and couldn't fix it so it went all over the place. they all were wet. I was exited, but worried about the rotten fruit, and about being ready on time.

The vicar of volume played with the

The vicar of volume played with the formula, trotting out billowy peplums, hooded capes, cocoon jackets, exaggerated sleeves and, of course, silk ballgowns. There was whimsy (a red toile print) and sex appeal (take note, CBS suits: even the ever-elegant de la Renta is knocking out knickers-revealing illusion). Jordan B'Mo

I saw in my dream 2 nights

I saw in my dream 2 nights ago so many spiders small ones and medium ones, they were hanging down in front of me but trying to get closer to me but i keep breaking the web string on each individual spider so that they wouldnt fall on me but on the floor then a man sitting next to me on the couch threw chocolate ball kinda to them, so they ran towards form a large spider then disappeared, one bite me on the finger had white marks on it. Then lastnight i saw a large tall green tree with really dark plums all over it, i wanted to eat it so a man drop a branch on the ground with the plums on it and told me to eat some but i woke up. Then today this afternoon i saw in dream i was talking to my sister who lives faraway from on the phone she said to me that she was in hospital having a another baby, then spoke to my mum who also lives faraway and she said to me the phone she was having a baby too. Can you please tell me what this mean.