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My dreams starts of by me and

My dreams starts of by me and a friend of mine who is really into fitness sitting on the ground. We had just finished running. I didn't actually see us running in my dream but that's what it felt like. We had running shoes on and were covered in sweat. I live in a country kind of setting but this dream took place in a desert. We see a huge black and yellow/beige snake not too far from us. This snake doesn't slither like a normal snake. It's much faster. The snake jets off across the road and is gone in a matter of seconds. We decide that's enough for today and walk across the road to where his house is (not his actual house). I remember my wallet is on the table. This table was a random table in the middle of the desert. I ask him if he can help me get it and he doesn't really answer me.He grabs his mail out of the mailbox, walks into his house and shuts the door. I stand there for a moment then make my way to the table. I see the table ahead of me and clearly see my polka dot wallet on the table. It is the only thing on the table. The huge snake is directly under the table. I'm standing there shaking, scared and ready to cry. I hear a man behind me. I do not recognize this man but he offers to help get my wallet. The man is wearing a trench coat or rain coat. He makes his way to the table quietly and gently. He grabs it then walks to the middle of the road. The snake jets right to the man and wraps its self around him with out squeezing or hurting him. The man is not scared. I ask the man to give me my wallet. His face blurry I don't know if he looked at me or not. I can't remember. He takes my wallet, opens his trench coat and put my wallet inside his coat pocket. Then I wake up.

It's all black and white, everything. A

It's all black and white, everything. A stone sidewalk, with older cars buzzing through the streets. I look down to see polkadot fabric, and touch my hair to feel a neat up do adorning the back of my head. I'm walking down the stone sidewalk as I study the crumbling buildings around me. Suddenly I stumble upon a crowd gathered in the street. My eyes connect with a man across the way. Everything is black and white, except the mans red badge around his military jackets left arm, and his crimson red hat. He smiles and comes towards me. He begins to speak, but I can never quite catch what he's saying. His lips don't match any English words, and no matter how much I concentrate I can't quite make out the robotic, hushed English that fills my head. He suddenly grows flustered with me and storms off away and that's when I wake up, feeling depressed for weeks.