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One dream that I remember quite vividly

One dream that I remember quite vividly was about my best friend Sarah and I. We were in a forest and I could tell we were both pretty scared, it reminded me of harry potter or something. We knew some kind of scary creature was watching us but we never really saw it, all we saw was its shadows and movements behind houses and trees. We started running down a street near by because we thought the creature was running after us. We kept running for a long time and then I woke up.

One of my older sisters, both of

One of my older sisters, both of my younger siblings, and three dogs (only two were ours) went to a mall that wasn't ours. Inside the mall we went to a restaurant and this guy got in a fight with a waiter and started shooting, my family and I ran through the restaurant and out to the parking lot. My step sister and I went to college and the tour guide stated jacking off and we got freaked out so we ran to a mall and inside were a bunch of ghosts and I lost her so I ran to a car and tried to leave but James potter stopped me and said we had to go back and get lily or Sirius Black before we could leave.