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I saw my ex in a dream,

I saw my ex in a dream, which things didn’t go to well because of his friend! In my dream he was so affectionate, he was calling me princess , kissing me ! What amazed me was that he knowed what he did in real life !

Ok in my dream a princess ran

Ok in my dream a princess ran away before coronation so a handful of kids are unlisted to find her. The first kid is the prince who's looking for his sister. There is this kid who is like a con man/performer in a prince costume. There's these mischievous twins who are living on the streets, one girl, one boy ( both black). There's this really little girl who's also a really good thief. She was living in an orphanage before she was forcefully volunteered to help ( she actually tries to escape before getting convinced by the performer to stay). Lastly there's this very quiet kid who has a little romance going on with the performer but he wouldn't admit it (he was also Chinese). They search by day and hide away in trains by night looking for the princess.

I was a princess in a castle

I was a princess in a castle and I was sorta like sleeping beauty. There was a prophecy one of us would die, one of us was cursed with sleep and one of us was blessed with powers. I ran away because I had earlier been experiencing both powers and the curse. It didn’t make sense so I ran away to the south and almost got spotted so I ran away to the north. My friends there offered to help but in the place i was staying in i was kidnapped by a man who was handsome. He used a tranquilizer dart so I wouldn't run away and brought me to my kingdom where I fulfilled all of the prophecy. Instead of my sister dying it was my curse that died and I was blessed with powers to protect the kingdom I love.

I dreamed that I was in Star

I dreamed that I was in Star Wars and I was a princess and luke skywalker was my husband and a prince and we were Jedi knights who were the best

Family party. Dad bad tempered towards sister.

Family party. Dad bad tempered towards sister. Party at Saint millennial court. War. Sunset. I was a princess or a leader and thought to be dead. Was nearly buried alive. A husband/fiancee was rejecting his love interest in a library. About to shower but shower breaking down. Bathtub filling up.

Based in roman times. Sultan rydell went

Based in roman times. Sultan rydell went to war to obtain a country. He won and was awarded with a powerful princess, franchesca. He drains her powers and makes her helpless and turns her into a sex slave to keep royal bloodlines. Rydell takes her powers and becomes the most powerful man alive. The royal males that franchesca bears are turned into peasant slave drivers and the royal females are turned into castle keepers. Franchesca is not allowed personal relations. Franchesca fell in love with a peasant named jacob and she bore a child. Master rydell found out and had the child murdered. Her punishment was forced marriage to two royals. She is kept under watch all day every day. Rydells ally is joeseph, franchescas brother. Franchesca despises her brother because he runs his country much like rydell does. He came to visit one day and his country got invaded by queen dahlia from another country. Queen dahlia wants good, and wants franchesca freed from her bonds of slavery so she can have her country back. Dahlia has a limited army, but invades joesephs country. Rydell finds out and builds an army to capture her. He captures her and tortures her or makes her watch torture. Franchesca begs for mercy and pardon but everytime she does she gets beaten into obedience for not acting like a slave should. Prince caspian is dahlias son, he was cast off to gain more powers to try to defeat rydell but no one has heard back from him. Franchesca is defeated and can only watch her country fall to ruins against a most powerful dictator that she is forced to worship. If she runs someone near to her will get tortured while she watches in dispair and helplessness

I dreamt that I was wearing a

I dreamt that I was wearing a white wedding dress and I was going to get married to someone I didn't know and also I was wearing a sort of like a crown or princess crown. I was walking in a nice neighborhood and my sister and I were looking for the church where the wedding was going to take place and then I woke up.

Well, it started off in my kitchen.

Well, it started off in my kitchen. I asked my butler Chef Pee Pee to make me some waffles. Later, I was at a theater with a greek mythology. My best friend from India Sunil was Perseus. Pepper Clark was princess Andromeda. Madame pom was Medusa. Sharukh was Poseidon

I was at Disneyland visiting my friend

I was at Disneyland visiting my friend who had a summer job as a onsite nurse. And this boy in my year was dressed as sleeping beauty and that was his job. So we were fixing this parade float and we get called to an emergency at a ride. There was a shooting with poison darts and people queuing up to the ride had been hit, including the princess guy. also so we walked past them all as the people at the back had been worst hit. Near the back was my ex - boyfriend. And I walked past him to try not to make contact. but me and my friend had to split up to deal with everyone. she left me with the casualties to try and find out what happened. and she went up to the princess boy and he said it was a bear. then he died in her arms. so my ex-boyfriend comes up to me to get help and he is bleeping from were he was hit and he is screaming and crying in pain. so I pick him up and carry him to the hospital nearby while he sucks my cheek for comfort from the pain. so we get to the hospital and they take him to the operating room and gave him anaesthetic. But he was poisoned and the doctors told me I needed to suck his blood to save him from the poison. But I was like I'm not a vampire so they gave me fake fangs and I put they on. so they I had to suck his blood to remove the poison. Then I was sitting by his hospital bed and he woke up and he was ok.