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I was at my house and it

I was at my house and it was all the sudden a lab. So me, ashlynn my closest friend, and parker my former crush and a random guy I don’t know. My principle sent us there so we can test out a new device that can tell when a natural disaster will come. Each person there tested the item. When it came to me and Ashlynn my close friend, it said “no natural disasters known” soon I got impatient and asked her if we can leave. Right when I say that the device says “tsunami and fire will come” so me and ashlynn show the others. We go into my loft and started building pillow walls, thinking that will hold the fire and tsunami off. Then ashlynn my close friend said to me “we should bury you in pillows sense you have asthma so it will make the fire go away” and the natural disasters never came.

My school sits in the chapel

My school sits in the chapel and a girl I have a crush on sits beside me. Then the principle makes an announcement. Now i was also sitting beside some of my other friends and we had to make a project for the queen of England. After we finished, we won. My team was carter, Darien and Megan. We hi fived each other but when I hi fived Megan, she didn't let go. Then I asked her why she wouldn't let go and she said, "Your my only chance to see the queen". I didn't know why, but I went with her anyways. She got to see the queen and thanked me and we left the chapel and went back to our classroom.

in a room with two people.

in a room with two people. One is a cat women, and the other is a man. the man tells me that there is a boy who wants to kill me with a knife. then he tells me that I should sleep in the other room with the cat women. She becomes a cat and curls up on the back of a reclining chair. I see children sleeping on the floor. I am scared after the warning and hide behind the chair and unlatch the lock on the window. I see the door open and jump out the window onto the city street. I then run to my school, where I go to Spanish class. I see my teachers messy room and suspect the boy is behind a stack of paper waiting to kill me. I run out into the crowded hall way and he follows me. Over the announcements the principle says that there is a killer loose in the school. No one seems upset by this. I see him gaining on me and I see my Spanish 2 teacher. she pulls me into her room and says I need to be careful. I go out into the hallway and see sean and Alex love holding hands in the middle of the stairwell. Alex tells me that it is too dangerous for Sean to be there. I call my mom and ask her to pick me up. She cannot because she is busy even though there is a killer in my school. I go downstairs to the cafeteria where Brandon tells me I need to let loose and party with the other kids. I see my English teacher and she tells me to join the other kids. I turn around and see Brandon and Adam dancing on a table together. A cute boy then asks me to a party after school at 3. I say I have to ask my mom. He holds my hand and walks me to my moms car. We pass Alex and Sean still holding hands as they leave the building. I get in the car. My mom drives backwards to the tennis courts. I change into my tennis clothes and realize I forgot a bra. the cheerleaders laugh at me. then I find it in the car. I go play with my sister on the messed up tennis courts. The nets are facing the wrong ways. The cheerleaders start taunting me. I throw an ball at the ring leader who is on top of the pyramid. she falls to the ground and melts along with the other cheerleaders. I remember the party and tell my mom its time to take me.

You still need to be present, not

You still need to be present, not urban areas, knowing that a new wave of Supes readers were right around the corner?WITH THISWEEKs release of "Man of Steel Many military leaders have trained at Western institutions They have the support of secular Egyptians and they are fighting a legitimate battle against the forces of radical Islam which will otherwise engulf Egypt just as they engulfed Iran Although nobody said so explicitly this was clearly the view of the Obama administration in the wake of Secretary of State John F Kerry put it best in an unguarded moment when he was speaking on Pakistani television " all of whom were afraid of a descent into chaos" he declared "In effect they were restoring democracy"The United States and the West should support the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi may not have been the most effective leader of Egypt but now he is effectively under arrest Never mind that Morsis instincts were anti-liberal or that his clear intention was to place the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Egypts judicial and political institutions We ought to have supported him when he was in power and now that he is out of power his cause is even more important and tortured We should organize ourselves on their behalf and in their defense Both arguments have merit But both also have a central flaw especially when made through tweets sound bites press releases and other nuance-free forms of communication They divide the Egyptian scene into two warring camps Morsi vs the generals secular vs Islamic military vs Brotherhood thus tempting everyone to take sides Which is ridiculous since its none of our business who runs Egypt and we shouldnt be "backing" anybody at all Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel came close to this viewthis week that "Its up to the Egyptian people And they are a large great sovereign nation And it will be their responsibility to sort this out" But neither Hagel nor anyone else in the administration has taken the next logical step True its up to the Egyptian people Also true we shouldnt back one group over another in Egypt or anywhere else Those sorts of political games have won the United States an appalling reputation in the Middle East and elsewhere because they invariably backfire We support the "pro-Americans" ignore their unpopularity and are shocked when they fall Or we support the "modernizers" who then turn out to be dictators and we are shocked when they fall The particularly virulent strain of anti-Americanism in Egypt comes in part from our mostly uncritical support for Egyptian dictators in the past But there is another way to think about all this The United States can and should stand for the rule of law stable institutions and democracy And by "democracy" I mean not just an election organized by the international community but the principle that power should change hands peacefully inclusively and according to a set of rules accepted by all social groups In societies such as Egypt or Syria the advocacy of democracy isnt ideology but common sense The alternative after all is that power changes hands violently that some ethnic or religious groups are left out of the political process and that social discontent remains very high Had the Obama administration thought about Egypt in these terms it might have had a rational intelligible policy over the past several years When Hosni Mubarak was in power we should have pressured him loudly and clearly to hold elections When Morsi was president we should have called on him equally loudly and clearly to share power with other groups to make concessions to minorities to make sure that a flawed constitution was interpreted as fairly as possible Now that the military is in power we should come out loudly and clearly against its coup and use whatever limited influence we have to persuade the generals to return Egypt to constitutional rule It sounds simple but of course it isnt If Kerry can confuse a millions-strong demonstration with "democracy" and if President Obama cant bring himself to use the word "coup" then it will be difficult for this administration to be clear firm and consistent about the events unfolding not only in Egypt but also in Syria Libya and elsewhere around the worldRead more from or We’re not guys who are out on the street,After the Philadelphia Eagles’ practice ended and Riley Cooper and Cary Williams had gone to their neutral corners He was among Post reporters awarded the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. including nuclear weapons and arms control, obviously.Do Romneys revenue hikes truly represent a 1, the increases brought in a total of $2.

I have been having dreams about my

I have been having dreams about my old friends from the place I used to live a couple years back. I spotted them at a school assembly of some sort, along with my brother in the crowd and sitting next to him was my ex-crush. I saw that my old friends were in the middle of the stage, way behind the principle (where they shouldn't be) yet no one was bothered by this, so I nervously walked up to them wondering what they would think of me and if would recognize me. My bubbly past friend Brooke looked me up and down- then hugged me so hard and began laughing and crying. My other old friend Miranda was happy that she met me again, but refused to hug me. Later on, after we were talking and listening to the assembly- then Miranda quietly said across the entire school gym assembly "You look familiar, what's your name?" to my ex-crush. And somehow, everyone in the gym heard her and my ex crush answered. But it was not even his full real name. His last name was different. Next thing I know the assembly is coming to an end, and I saw Miranda wearing the scarf that my ex-crush had on. I told Brooke I didn't know how I felt about that, and she began consoling me. Then that's really all I can recall.

So i had a dream where we

So i had a dream where we were at this new weird school and we had a lot of freedom but we still had to atleast go to class it was kinda like a college but it was shaped like a giant tree. So i took off my shoes for some reason and i couldnt get them back So i went barefoot but i had to go up this weird slide but since I'm afraid of heights i just gave up and went down i managed do go up some stairs when i see Chris and i guess i try to talk to him but he ignores me and walks with his friends and sits at a table The stairs disappeared and i cant find a way out im panicking so bad that i have a mental breakdown i grab a chair and start hitting everything to let out everything suddenly i throw the chair outside and everyone goes to see kinda like if i murdered the chair the whole time Chris was looking at me he had a blank expression but you can see the pain in his eyes Him and his friends got up and went down the stairs that magically appeared he was the last one to leave he looked at me one last time before he left i followed but they were gone everyone was looking for the one who threw the chair the principle said there would be a punishment i laughed and thought BULLSHIT


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