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I had a dream that maddie and

I had a dream that maddie and I were getting packed in the car to go to Arizona and we forgot to grab the tickets out of the printer. We had to leave really early in the morning so we were trying to hurry. When we got back home we saw that maddie spelt my mom’s last name wrong “Holtusen” and it’s spelt “Holthusen” (also this is my mom’s maiden name so it was so weird). So we were calling the airport to try to get it fixed and they kept telling us that we had to fix 24 hours in advance. By the time we kinda got it figured out, it was too late. The plane left at 10 and it was 9, but we still had to drive to fargo.

There has been a multitude of tattoo

There has been a multitude of tattoo martial arts styles available for sale. Numerous don it for entertainment even though some don it to imitate their own idols. Your styles which might be manufactured by celebrities motivate the most popular individuals on a higher magnitude. As a way to replicate their favorite idol style, they don't even keep the range to printer acting professional tats. In case you remember 80s, many times that most sportsmen, musicians along with celebrities employ to produce these kinds of artwork styles to showcase their unique style. Salomon Speedcross 3 CS

I was in a small room.filled with

I was in a small room.filled with some people.I took the time to count them, theyre were a out 8 or 9 people..One person was curled up on a printer...I recieved a call on the phone from.a man inquiring about a large piece of land to see if it was for sake..I go oitside and see two white men, i handed one of them the telephone and i heard the guy say that something could be.done with.the pine trees on the land..I helped a lady fill out a registration.card for a free.doll...I was offered a piece of bread..I attempted to turn the water faucet on, but wasnt sure if i had paid the water bill.

I was in an airport and I

I was in an airport and I realized that I forgot to purchase a ticket for my flight that leaves at 9:30. My destination was New York for New Years. I clearly distressed and running around the airport. I come to a cashier and buy a ticket for the 9:30 flight and he tells me that its 9:20. He then nods his head toward a very long line of people in which I have to get into, in order to print the ticket I just bought. I was feeling hopeless but still went to the back of the line. There I met a young woman about my age who was aslo late for her flight. She seemed be perfect. She had shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, white complextion, a few freckles on her face, and a daisy in her hair. I can't remember all of what we talked about. I remember her saying she lived in Austin, TX with her aunt and remember feeling that she was an extremly sweet girl. At this point I start looking around for other printers where I can print my ticket. I knew that if I left to try and find a printer I might risk losing my spot in the line i was already in. I left anyway, but I couldn't find another printer so I went back hoping no one else got in line. Sure enough I returned and there were ten more people in line. I was hoping however that the sweet girl would let me cut behind her to get my spot back. To my suprise I saw her at the back of the line. I went up to her and asked her why she went to the back of the line. She told "Because I was waiting for you" At this moment It was as if she lifted all the distress I just had. I was full of joy and was at peace. Missing my flight no longer mattered. I don't remember when but somewhere in the dream I remember seeing an image of her hand or a hand with an engagement ring on it. I woke feeling very happy but also very curious about the dream. I have my own theories about the dreams but am intrested to see what others think.